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FRAUD AT SERCO -- Updated 30 April 2015

A £285million contract and we have not heard anything about the fraud of Serco. No cancellation, no court  case and no conviction. That Cameron and his disciple have a lot to answer for but will they?



UPDATED:  15 August, 2014 -- 
 Serco is a security company or supposed 
to be and yet they are accused of committing
one crime after crime.  They are not the
only contractors in trouble either by alleged  
fraud or not able to give the full service.  
It is amazing the Prime Minister 
David Cameron first of all employed them 
to break up the NHS and secondly has 
not cancelled their contract. 
It is nothing but wasting taxpayers' money.
Serco the security firm had been accused of fraud again. A few months ago they were caught adding data in the NHS to make up the target demanded by the government ensuring the payments. Now again a discrepancy was found defrauding the taxpayers million of pounds.

Minister accused Serco to fiddle performance figures. They tried to prove that prisoners arrived at courts on time when they did not.

A £285million contract which covers London and East Anglia is now under supervision, the Government stated.  

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “It’s become very clear there has been a culture within parts of Serco that had been totally unacceptable, and actions which need to be investigated by the police.”

Chris Hyman, chief executive of Serco Group, said: “The Justice Secretary is right to expect high standards of performance from Serco.

“I am deeply saddened and appalled at the misreporting of data by a small number of employers on the contract. This is a very serious matter for the customer and for us. We will not tolerate any wrongdoing and that is why we have referred this matter to the police.”

"It is part of the contract that prisoners are at court on time. Serco offered to pay back all profit on the contract and refuse to make future profits."

This scenario is not the first time. As already mentioned it happens already on their contract with NHS that they added data.  Therefore all those brave words of the chief executive Chris Hyman's words don’t ring that entire true.  Also Serco has a record of prisoners escaping while in transit to the court.

What is most surprising about Serco and a number of other private companies where Prime Minister David Cameron handed out contracts of huge amount claiming it would safe the taxpayer’s money most of the time is turns out a disaster. By now there is a whole string of it and it cost the taxpayers a fortune but in spite of it all Cameron  does not admit it and stop, he just merrily plough on. After all it is not his money and he will not be out of pocket.

The is Serco for the second time found out defrauding the taxpayers and according to ministers million s of pounds therefore it is not a small number employers as stated by the chief executive.

Border Agency was so far the worst. For years newspapers were screaming their heads off that they are not doing their job and the unresolved cases of immigrants were billing up and eventually reach an unbelievable 500,000 when the government woke up and closed the Border agency.  You bet all the top executives got a golden handshake on top of being useless.

G4S another security company and supposed the biggest in the world took the contract for the Olympics 2012 and 10 days before the Opening Ceremony they admitted that they can’t cope because they haven’t got the required 10,000 staff to cover it. Just before David Cameron sacked police officers and military personal. Then when he was stuck with his useless G4S the police and military were called in and good enough to cover it. Never a praise was uttered in his speech how efficient they were.

G4S was also caught out to fiddle the books with contract for tacking ex-prisoner on probation. They added names of ex-prisoners who never were in prison, dead, in prison or abroad.

Other agencies which had a big contract in NHS sent Confidential papers to private companies or one had their Data stolen.

All not very recommendable for honest, correct and good work carried out.   David Cameron considers again G4S for another big contract. Unbelievable.

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