Friday, 23 August 2013


Hopefully they are turning the wheels well. The Chancellor, as some newspaper mentioned, should have a kick up the arrears.  This ‘financial wizard’ had to borrow £62million in Jul, 2013 when the City financiers expected a surplus of £2.5billion but they did not reckon with George Osborne’s great magic wand. So, where did the difference go?
July is known as a great months for the Treasury because the corporation and income tax are coming in more than any other month.

We might be the plebs in the Elite’s eyes but they make one mistake to think the public is stupid. Today with the newspapers and Internet we are more informed than ever before.  Therefore, the question has be to answer what is going on?


British manufacturing is at a high for two years according to the CBI and therefore the economy should see tax income rise and welfare cost fall but Mr Osborne by a sheer miracle saw himself forced to borrow £62million to balance the books.

The CBI reported further that 37 per cent of the firms in this sector having reported a rise of output in contrast to 21 per cent saying it had fallen. There is a gap of 16 per cent and it is the biggest since August 2011.

Since the City expected a £2.5billion and they surely know what they are talking about what is really going on behind the closed doors? Creaming off is one thing but bucketing when people have to starve and in the coming winter have to freeze because this great Government will not curb the energy suppliers is below any irresponsibility. It is unscrupulous.

Last month the Office for National Statistics announced an increase of Britain’s national overdraft to £1.2trillion and the Government has borrowed £36.8billion in the last three months in comparison to the same period in 2012 of £35.1billion. Yet, David Cameron and George Osborne have the callous manners of pointing the finger continuously at Labour.  Do they really think the public is so stupid and buys it? It is pathetic and goes down to the level of four-year old kids in which age kids always make fun of others and point fingers. It really is going all too far.

Even the Treasury has the nerve to announce that the economy is moving from rescue to recovery. We heard that since they came into power. Yet, Labour Gordon Brown who experienced the worst crash called the credit crunch which was a lie from America but he manage to have a 2.5 per cent GDP when he handed it over to this, always sneering at him when in the opposition, David Cameron.  The 2.5 GDP vanished within three months.

So, how much longer is the Conservative Party allowed to run Britain the country and its people into the ground until somebody powerful enough stops them?  I like the title Conservative; it should be Demolishing Party because that is what they have been doing for three year and will carry on doing. How they ever came into power, even with a minority, leaves me and most of the public wonder after the damage Margaret Thatcher done to this country which was more than enough for any memory? They call themselves English and even go that far to say they are proud of it yet they constantly destroy this country? It should never be allowed.

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