Tuesday, 20 August 2013

UK DWP WASTES £1.3MILLION ON I.T. BLUNDER -- Updated 18 July, 2015


UPDATE: 18 July, 2015 --
Even after two years and the computer itself costing £500million -- it is not working and costing £1.3million a year on extra staff double checking and calmly Ian Duncan Smith pays out a £44million bonus last years.

Department of Work and Pension (DWP) Secretary Duncan Smith wasting  --  again -- £1.3million on David Cameron flagship of benefits cap and reform. 

Even after four months the computer has not been built which should have coped automatically with the reform of benefits.

The program should be to roll out Universal Credit nationwide in one payment.  It includes a pilot scheme of a £500 a week cap on benefit and checks out households and it supposed to be a crackdown to cut the welfare bill.

Now it turns out to costs £1.3milion so far for staff to carry out the checks for the flagship benefits cap.  The government is forced to employ 112 more staff to check the benefit for each household and if there any benefit cap applies.  Ministers admitted they haven’t cot a clue how and when this problem will be solved but in the meantime the taxpayer pays for the mess David Cameron and George Osborne created.

Every time the government trying to cut back it cost the taxpayers more. Is that how politics should be?
Tory minister Mark Hoban admitted: “The check is to verify the benefits paid are to a household and check whether any exemption should apply. This process will remain in place until an automated solution is developed and introduced.” This answer which is no answer at all shows the cold blooded could-not-care-less  of the party and government.
Labour Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms said the Department for Work and Pensions was suffering Whitehall’s worst IT crisis for years.  He added: “Universal credit is already on its knees and now the benefit cap has been infect by Ian Duncan Smith’s inability to deliver.”  He demands urgent assurance that this latest IT disaster won’t plunge yet another scheme into chaos

A spokeswoman for the department stated that the IT system to deliver the benefit cap itself was already in place and working well.

This is an incredible statement after ministers admitted that £1.3million are being paid on extra staff because the computer which suppose doing the job has not been built yet.  They also admitted that they have no idea when that will be done.

So there we have one of the biggest contradictions we can ever come across.

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