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UKIP BOSS NIGEL FARAGE - Updated 9 August, 2014

UPDATE: 9 August, 2014 -- Farage is now standing for Parliament in 2015. UKip will not confirm Farage chosen Kent seat of South Thanet although his name is already on the list. As an excuse of his messing up the Newark by-election he stated that he wanted to stand for an area with which he had local connections.  Why did he campaign for the Newark by-election and spent all the money from the EU on it?  EU money which he should have used to promote EU's interest. What a twister!

UPDATE: 8 June, 2014 --  The result of the Newark by-election was that Conservatives won 17,431 -- UKip 10,028 -- Labour 6,842. The beaten candidate  Roger Helmer announced that it was mainly the fault of Nigel Farage not being there more often and campaigning. The general public's opinion is that Mr Farage seems to enjoy more the privileges of the EU and UK than being a serious contestant trying to win a seat in Parliament for his party.. 

Is Mr Farage really that short sighted that he does not realise the damage he does to his own party? There was a by-election in Newark which could have con him a seat in Parliament. He even mentioned before the by-election that he would throw the kitchen sink at the Tories. In other words he was completely committing himself to the campaign to win this set.

When it cam to it he flew to Malta to attend a meeting at give  a speech at a tourism conference. It is assumed that he would have received a sum of between £5,000 and £10,000. The exact figure is not known. What set more the gossip raging was that he was boozing all night and was seen to "guide" Travel chief Ande Soteri to the hotel. When questioned he denied it all that there was more than meet the eye.

Than he came out of his hotel room at 10.30am after having only a few hours sleep. A holidaymaker from England  asked him for a photo together to show his mates back home. The holdamaker stated that he would not vote for UKip but just wanted a picture. He further remark that by then it was 11am and Farage was smelling of booze, absolutely stinking.

Mr Farage being the leader of the UKip was enjoying the sun in Malta while he former Tory MEP Roger Helmer was left in Newark to carry on the campaign in torrential rain with temperature not more than 13 C

Just before Mr Farage delivering his speech he thought about Mr Helmer and tweeted "Find out how you can help Roger Helmer's by-election campaign in Newark." Very concerning.

At the conference some people laughed at his jokes but only some. Again he asked for a lot of criticism when he stated that he did not want to live live in a country where people speak different languages.One of the delegates pointed out that Malta is a multi-national and has is a bilingual nation.  Mr Farage forever makes racial remarks and yet he denies to be a racists. How contracting can one get?

At the end of the conference it was clear that inviting UKip Nigel Farage to give a speech had upset quite a number of people

Ian Tylor, Executive editor at the Travel Weekly Group wrote on his blog: "I was in two minds about attending the ITT conference this year, and talking to people around the venue I know I'm not alone. The reason is Nigel Farage. It was a mistake to invite him to speak, not because he represents a non-mainstream political party or appeals to populism or wishes to take Britain out of the European Union. It was a mistake because UKip is a racist party."

So there you have it. The bells are ringing louder and louder that the UKip are a racists'party and Mr Farage adds to it every time he opens his mouth with another racial remark.

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