Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Update: 7 July, 2016 -- Now the Chilcot report proved Blair decided single-handedly to invade Iraq he should be made to pay back £20million to the taxpayers. It is not right the taxpayers foot Blair's compensation to Iraqi people. Taxpayers are starving and homeless. 

This is another incredible decision made by the Coalition. The newspaper The Sun discovered that around £20million of taxpayers money had been paid as compensation to Iraquis since 2003.

The blog is not meant against Iraqis receiving compensation it only objects that taxpayers who are really hard-up having to pay it out.

It should be Tony Blair paying it.  
He was determined to start a war.

He is gathered a wealth of approx. £100million,  maybe even more. They call him a 'human cash-machine' not for nothing, not in those circles. Therefore he must excel himself


The general public was completely against the war and invasion in Iraq so why do they have to pay for it. As it is they had to pay hundreds of millions of pounds to fight in Iraq plus  176 UK soldiers  lost their lives and a great number of young men were injured and are disabled for the rest of their lives. Instead of looking after them and paying compensation to these soldiers to make their life more durable the Department of Defence spending around £20million, so far, to Iraq, instead taking Tony Blair to court and make him pay it..

By all means they should get the money but it should not come from the Taxpayers. It should be paid by Tony Blair who was bent over backwards to invade Iraq under the false statement they had Weapon of Mass Destruction which were never found because they were never there. Tony Blair had been said, by financial experts, to be worth at least £100million and his own friends stated that it is under-estimated

Therefore my suggestion and it is not that wild since he was solely responsible for the death and devastation in Iraq he should be held responsible to pay. As it stands  of now he still would have at least £80million which is overpaid for his irresponsibility as a Prime Minister. Besides the war was illegal because the UN did not sanction it. So far he is not held responsible for any of that. On the contrary the UN gave him a post as their official Middle East Peace Envoy. To receive such a post after being the biggest war monger of recent years leave the credibility of the UN in doubt.

Legal companies Leigh Day and Public Interest's Lawyers handle all these cases. At the moment they still have 1,469 cases to bring against the Ministry of Defence. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond accused them of self-interest lawyers hiding behind the accuse of public interest. So far they pocket around £10million.  And what does the great Prime Minister David Cameron and his Cabinet do about it? Nothing. As long it does not cost his money it is all irrelevant. Never mind about the public being screwed into the ground.

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