Monday, 2 June 2014


UPDATED:  20 Sept., 2014   --  This money coming from vile sources is planned to be included into the economy, now in the autumn budget. Desperately to show an increase in the economy.

Prostitution as such is not forbidden in the UK but curb-crawling, pimps, brothels are against the law. Yet, the Treasury accepts £10billion taxes coming from drugs and prostitution businesses which is against the law. 

This very fact explains why the Coalition is not fighting the drug lords. It is another shocking eye opener about the tactics of this Government. How much dirt is tolerated in Westminster or quietly encouraged? Prostitution had been around as long as human beings and most probably drugs too but it does not mean to tolerate it and on the quiet encouraging.  Especially drugs do destroy the younger generation and either they die of it or commit crimes like burglary and murder.

No the worst comes from the EU. They demand that the £10billion income must be included in the Office of National Statistics in Britain’s economy.  This dirty market is seen as a massive boost to Chancellor George Osborne raising the GDP. To get down to the correct figure statisticians will assess the rental value of brothels, sales of condoms and sales of clothes for sex workers.

 Regarding illegal drugs, the ONS will need he figures of production and sales of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ecstasy and amphetamines.  The information will include growing drugs or importing them as “production”. The buying of them for home use will be classed as “expenditure” and the sale as “income”.  This reads like a leaf out of the accounts from the Mafia.

This Coalition did nothing but ruined Britain and now they reveal trade of the worst. They get Britain down to the countries in Asia like Thailand which unfortunately was ruined by the American Army and now has a name for prostitution and drugs.

Can this Coalition, mainly the Tories, sink any lower? After this announcement of prostitution and drug trade seen as a boost to the economy is they really opened up the last door to being the worst.

It explains it all why the Border Agency does not act on tip off of drug mules.  According to the police’s reports it is as much as 2,000 a day.  According to the ONS it was already in 2009 an estimated £10billion for both trades. The real figure will never been known.

According to PM David Cameron in one of his recent speeches was promise that he will bring back power from Brussels. Is that what he was thinking of? Again Brussels dictates to the United Kingdom to include prostitution and drug trades in the ONS and this Government sees it as a boost to the economy. This mentality and non-existing principles makes every person in the street throw up.

This news  shows the “Government” for what they really are.  There was always prostitution and drug trade but to encourage it and use it as trade to boost the economy is unacceptable.  It can not be repeated often enough and soon enough to use your vote and not let it be wasted.  Use it wisely so Britain will get back to what it was a proud and decent country.

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