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INQUIRY INTO THE IRAQ WAR -- Updated 18 Sept., 2017

Update 18 Sept., 2017 -- Recently it emerged that the full report was not published and MPs urging to publish the second part hoping it will more details and name Tony Blair.

Update:  After lots of pressure the Chilcot report was publish. Although very thorough but it did not name Tony Blair which would have brought him into The Hague Criminal Court.

Why again that cover-up? He brought UK into an illegal war which cost over one million lives and Iraq is worse off than ever.

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that the publication of the Chilcot report will be on 6 July, 2016

Another failed promise -- Cameron promised to publish the papers before the 2015 General Election.  Now being elected the big silence has come down on it again. Who is he protecting? Blair or somebody else?As so many other inquiries it also ended up as a "white wash" and only costing taxpayers £7.5million which would have done the general public an awful lot of good if spend on them.

The result of this lengthy inquiry is that secret papers between Tony Blair and George Bush running up to the invasion in 2003 will not be published. They will only publish papers which had been already edited, in other words the important parts being blackened out. The announcement received heavy criticism. Even Sir John Major, ex-Prime Minister, advised Tony Blair it would be better if he allowed his papers to be published. He pointed out that a refusal would only raise suspicion and it will fester on it.

Labour MP John McDonnell said the deal meant Tony Blair had got his way. He said: "This confirms all the suspicions that people had that this inquiry will be a whitewash."

Former Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay described the inquiry as a "sham". Mr Mackinley, a member of the Commons foreign affairs committee at the time of the war, said: "I am not surprised that Chilcot has surrendered, It is a bad, bad day for democracy and justice, We were lied to as a country time and time again on Iraq, The lies endure."

It has to be pointed out at this point that a man died because being a highly qualified weapon inspector, Dr Kelly.  Tony Blair gave his name to the press and revealed that he is trying to find out whether there are Weapon of Mass Destruction.. Up to this day it had not been established why and by whom Dr Kelly died? The official verdict was suicide but many evidences speak against it. Was he going to spill the truth about the Weapon of Mass Destruction? It would have exposed George Bush and Tony Blair.

The Iraq war cost 179 UK soldiers lives. The Chilcot inquiry is also an insult to the families of those soldiers. They want and deserve to know the truth but as one mother Rose Gentle said: "I felt that Tony Blair was being allowed to walk away from the Iraq war. We don't think we'll get the truth now."

Labour MP Paul Flynn said: "The whole truth about the Iraq was required to give closure to the loved ones of the 179 soldiers killed.  The Chilcot Report will publish the truth, some of the truth but not the whole truth"

The inquiry was launched in 2009 and finished in 2011 and it took all this time and many demands to release the Chilcot Report.

One of the main supporter to keep these documents secret is Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood.  He was Mr Blair's principle private secretary and the PM's closest advisers in 1999.  Well that tells it all.

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