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Bilderberg was founded in 1956 by Prince Bernhard of Netherlands the father of Queen Beatrix. The first meeting was held in Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherland by exPoliticians Jozef Retinger living in exil. He was concerned about the growing anti-Americanism. It is one of the most secret societies.  Their members are chosen secretly from an undisclosed list of about 100 names every year.  They are the top of all financiers, politicians and Royalties. Every year they have a meeting shrouded in the most secrecy. This year it was held in Copenhagen and as far it was revealed Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne was there. Last year it was held in Luton, England and PM David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne were attending. There was never one bit of news given of what was discussed or decided at the meeting which says it all.


We, the voters, trust the promises made by the candidates made before any elections. What else have the voters to go on? Then they cast their votes in good fate. When the candidates get into power there is a different tune being played?  Now we even find out that they are meeting up with Bilderberg.  Are they running Britain or Bilderberg? Can not Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron make up their own mind without being influenced by Bilderberg?  If so it is a very sad result given to the public who trusted them in 2010 and they should not be in the position they are. There is no doubt that Bilderberg does not keep these very secret meetings for nothing. 

The previous Prime Minister Tony Blair, so it had been mentioned several times, has connection or is a member of the secret society of Illuminati. In one way it is plausible because he does not get pulled in for starting an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  On the contrary he is, believe it or not, an UN Envoy for the Middle East. After starting two wars without the permission of the UN someone powerful must be behind him.

Coming back to voting a decent man or woman not only keeps promises. This Government turned out to be all false.  Who has all the interest of the country in their mind and really runs the country without any powerful secret society behind them?.  Even the Queen mentioned to the late Princess Diana that there are “dark forces working in this country”. What is the reason they got hold of Britain or the top let them get hold of?

With politicians it is most probable greed and it is obvious that the Tories do anything to win the next General Election in 2015. If they win it will be worse for the general public and better for the super rich who were created by the Tories will be getting even richer.

There is no doubt that the power is in the hand of the majority which are the voters but how can they tell the right ones from the wrong when everybody seems to play a game of make-belief before any election?  It resulted into this Government who done the voters bitterly wrong. They were definitely a lot better off. They still had their NHS, the Royal Post, shipbuilding in Portsmouth and their benefits, especially the Disability Benefits, in tact under Labour. Now even the Department of Works and Pension is totally messed up and even the Head of the department Ian Duncan Smith had to admit last week that his flagship of Universal Reform is a failure but typical Tory he promised to install it by 2018. Yes, another promise.

Is that all the result of the advice Bilderberg gave? If so they should keep out of it. Beside all these meeting with Bilderberg it is even paid by the more than cash strapped taxpayers.  They have even the thick nerve not to pay for their last meeting in Luton, England, which was so highly secured that it was very expensive. People who have been so grounded down that over 1,000 food banks were established to prevent starvation which is a total disgrace for PM David Cameron and his elite being the seventh richest country in the world. Well done Bilderberg.

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