Monday, 6 January 2014


UK's Pension are on the 24th place of a list of 35 countries. 

A pension paid in by the people all their lives.

A pension from a country being the seventh richest in the world.


Head of the Department of Work and Pensions tried to "reform" already the benefits for two years and made a mess of it. It costs the taxpayer £800million and the cut-back cost many families their home and disabled people their benefits.  Over 1,000 disabled people died or committed suicide because of it. Yet he and his staff received a £44million bonus. Now he "reforms" the pensions. 

Ian Duncan Smith, it was reported, was up for fraud in 2008 because he claimed tax and expenses for his wife supposed to be working for a company. The company did not exists and he would have been in court but the expenses scandal broke and he somehow was "forgotten". Now he is the head of the Department of Work and Pensions throwing his weight about, ruthless.

UPDATE:  13 March 2015 -- A Chancellor who had been swimming in money since he was born and is now a multi-millionaire; but thinking of cutting the little few benefits pensioners enjoy such as winter fuel allowances, free bus passes and TV licences.

A Chancellor who tried to dodge to pay the full railway fares in spite of being able to write it off on expenses. According to the report it was not the first time he tried. Or is he so callous and dodge to pay the full fare and still write it off on expenses. It would not be a surprise.

A Chancellor who sends a taxi miles away to have his beefburgers bought at a special place and it would not be a surprise if that all goes down on expenses in other words being paid by the taxpayers.

Callous, ruthless is not even enough to describe this Coalition’s plans to cut pensioners' winter fuel allowances and Free Bus passes.  It is not surprising after they cut benefits of disabled people.  This government is beyond any humanity. Not only did they do nothing when their friends increased the energy prices by 10 per cent last winter and 31,000people died of hypothermia. They never objected or stopped another price rise of 10 per cent before this winter.  The great Prime Minister only comment to put on another sweater which was an insult to the intelligence of the public as if they are not able to think of it themselves. Besides, if your room is not heated properly no matter how many clothing you put on eventually the cold seeps through but, of course, Mr Cameron would have no idea about that.  First of all he does not pay for his gas and electricity and neither do his ministers therefore he has no need to turn the heaters down.

It is also a great insult to the pensioners because they gave their all in every way during the last war and now when they should be treated respectfully by the state; the country deserts them.  Well, done Messrs Cameron and Osborne, you can be proud of yourselves. Again they would not know what it feels like to live on the poverty line.  Mr Cameron is not only a multi-millionaire but will get a £500,000 pension as an ex-Prime Minister which again should be cut as austerity measures.  There is Tony Blair, John Major, and William Hague all having highly paid jobs and receive each £500,000 pension because they were PMs. It was said Mr Gordon Brown does not accept his £500,000 pension.

Already £1.500.000 saved.

How can Mr Osborne be so cold blooded and go, especially, to the Midlands where there is such poverty that by now even the food banks having to cut down their food parcels because there are too many needing food; telling them there will be more austerity. It is beyond any belief that a human is capable of such a heartless behaviour.


Since George Osborne and David Cameron are so eager to reduce the deficit why did they agree to 100 new Lords, mostly Tories and LibDem,  which cost £44million extra a year?  It was nothing but promoting their chums to be Lords, never mind austerity there.  The country has now almost 800 Lords and the chamber had to be reconstructed to house them all. Cost over £1million.  Surely 300 would be able to decide whether to pass a new ruling or law.  Now there would be a very drastic saving but you never hear a word about it from Osborne and Cameron. Teh food and drinks bill alone adds up to £7Million.

The same situation is with David Cameron to have 97 spin doctors who cost the taxpayers £4million. Labour had 68 but we do not hear anysthing about that, do we, Mr Cameron, and they cost £1.6million. Now, there is another saving and far bigger then from the old pensioners bus pass.  Realistically to cut the free bus pass is no saving at all because they only can use it in between rush hours, which means, filling empty seats.  Please use you calculators properly, Mr Osborne.

It will give extra fares when the pensioners have really to go somewhere but with their financially pressure they will use buses very, very sparingly and mostly stuck at home or walk. Has this government not done enough already to its people?

The EU statistic showed that UK has 2,714 bankers’ fat cats and Germany 212. These are only bankers and there are surely just as many in the industry and commerce. Most of them have an off-shore account avoiding paying tax. Mr Cameron forever talks about getting tough of tax avoiders. There would be a bonanza if David Cameron closes these tax havens in his own British Islands  How about Mr Osborne to go next doors and collect all the taxes which Mr Cameron gets back from the tax havens?

Yes, that is the result of this government and in spite of pressuring ordinary people into poverty which had not been seen since the war Chancellor George Osborne still carries on with austerity but not for them.

The other side of the coin is that after four years in power and preaching austerity cutting down on any benefit there was; the government has still a great deficit and borrows money it can not afford to pay the interest on. Apart from driving people into the ground with austerity which did nothing to reduce the deficit and as for the economy improving, it is nothing but a lie.

At the time of austerity, according to George Osborne, the MPs receive a 11 per cent pay rise.  This would bring their salaries from £65,000 to £74,000 per year plus expenses which are highly abused. Is this salary increase not outrages when the average worker's wages are frozen or even reduced or even unemployed? Would it not be right to apply austerity there which again would bring in more than the winter fuel allowances or free bus pass?  There are 650 MPs and a 11 per cent would add up to a great sum of money..

It is the sixth richest country and the people are starving and freezing to death this winter.

40,000 died of hypothermia in winter of 2014/15. The highest number for 15 years

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