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Update 6 Nov., 2019 - To be sure the UK's fatcats doubled and trebled since under Tory's Gov but the BBC News and Press is under Tories' control and there seems to be no further update. Hopefully it will change after General Election on 12 Dec., 2019.

These figures were given in 2013,  According to the Telegraph Britain has now the longest list of rich people in the world.  It was drastically increased in the last three years. Considering it is only a small country in comparison with big countries like the USA, China and Russia, It is a scandal when the public is starving and homeless but that is Tory Government for you.

UPDATE:  10 March, 2015 -- Chancellor George Osborne even promise a £30billion cut. Where does he thinks he gets it from? Councils and people are already squeezed past the limit.

There is no more money available to be cut. 

This is a WARNING to think where to put your vote in the coming General Election. 

People had been starving for the last three years and families living in one room rented accommodation because they lost their home and disable people committing suicide because they lost their benefit. All this while bankers and chief executives receive salaries and bonuses adding up to £4million and £5million a year.

UPDATE: 22 May, 2014 --- According to the Mail on Sunday's Rich List -- The rich got richer as never before during 2012/13 and that during a time of austerity. This country has now the richest people in Europe. David Cameron and his Elite step on the public to squeeze out even more for themselves.

UPDATE:  8 January, 2014 -- The Fat Cats Bankers also receive part of the £100million which is lost to the Treasury by reducing the top tax from 50 per cent to 45 per sent. Chancellor George Osborne talked again about reducing deficit and continuing with his austerity plan by cutting more benefits.

UK is top of the list of the European Banking Authorities with 2,714 Fat Cats and Germany on second place with 212.

UK’s bankers had an increase of 35 per cent of their salaries during the year of 2011 -2012.  On top of it they received bonuses 3.7 times their salaries.  At the same time Chancellor George Osborne was cutting all the benefits especially the Disability benefit.  This is the same Chancellor who straight away filed a formal complaint to Brussels because the EU planning to cap the bonuses of a year’s wages.

Also the Treasury stated the EU goes beyond its authority by regulating bonuses.

These two statements, one from the Chancellor and one from the Treasury, show their different attitude they have for the Elite and for the public. They never reacted like that to all the other rules and regulation coming from the EU.

It is also remarkable after five years of the so called “Credit Crash” the bankers have the highest salaries and three times as bonuses.  Only lately a whisper came through that the “Credit Crash” was engineered by the bankers.

No wonder that the UK has the highest number of Fat Cats which are 2,714 according to the European Banking Authorities.

Germany the second on the list of number of Fat Cats has 212.

It has also to be pointed out that these Fat Cats do not spend or hardly spend any money in the UK. They go on luxurious holidays abroad and most probably have an off-shore account, avoiding paying the full tax.
Since the bankers heard of the decision of the EU to cap their bonuses they already found a back door to slip out. They planning to either increase their salaries or pay monthly their bonuses. In other words no hope to clamp them down.

The 2,714 are only the fat cats of bankers and surely there just as many fat cats in corporations. A fine example we heard about are the energy bosses while the public is charged sky high prices and Cameron and Osborne do not lift a finger there.  The executives of Hospitals in which over 7,000 nurses and doctors were axed but no management.  No formal complaint from Osborne there or the Treasury.

And so we could go on and on.

The last Depression in the 1920 has all the same hallmark leading up to it. The economy was bad, bankers and their banks were out of control and the governments did not intervene. Does that not give them to think?  We suppose to learn from history.

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