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Update 4 Oct., 2019 - one cant up with the many changes DWP had - at the moment is Theresa Coffey since 9 Sept., 2019 after Amber Rudd resigned

Update 22 Nov., 2017 --
In June, 2017 David Gauke replaced Damian Green. he is determined to roll out Universal Credit which delays payment for 6 weeks and all just before Christmas. It is feared there will mass starvation and homelessness but May will not stop it.

Update 30 March 2017
Mr Crabb was replaced by Damian Green but it is not an improvement. All the cuts introduced by George Osborne coming now into effect on 1 April, 2017 Where Disabled people losing £30 per week receiving £70 only while MPs had an increase of £1,000 per year.

UPDATED:   19 August, 2015
Ian Duncan Smith was caught out to sent out leaflets with false claims.  leaflet stated that claimants  who lost some or all of their benefits were glad because it would encourage them to put more effort into their studies or  work. Mr Smith and the DWP got away, so far, with an incredible amount of spending taxpayers' money, cruel sanctions and people committing suicide because of it. How much longer before he and his department is cut down?  That is where the Chancelor should cut down.

UPDATE:  3 March, 2015  --  After a long  run of disasters in reforming the Department of Work and Pensions it had not been revealed that Ian Duncan Smith was allowed to waste £800million.  This is the biggest scandal yet after Prime Minister David Cameron and his Tory-led government set back and let it happen. People were pushed to the biggest hardship since Victorian times.  This government and Ian Duncan Smith have also cause more than 1,000 deaths. Either by starvation or suicide.  Yet Ian Duncan Smith was never move from his post and is still, Cameron's blue-eyed boy.  To let him waste £800million and preach austerity to the public is beyond any acceptance or understanding 

The original idea was to put all benefits and tax credit into one payment and the reform was called Universal Credit. On the paper it sounded a good idea but the practice was and is a different story.

The Universal Credit came into force on 1 April 2013; maybe that was already a mistake. 1 April is supposed Fools day.  Now let us analyse it seriously from the taxpayers’ point of view because it is the very hard up taxpayer who will foot the bill. The amounts wasted by now borders on criminal irresponsibility.

To start with a massive IT system supposed to be install by the 1 April to cope with the change over. Today, the end of October it is still not working and the National Audit Office written £34million off already.

Taxpayers desperately needed money was washed down the drain. To begin with Ian Duncan Smith head of the Depart of Work and Pensions knowing very well of the new reform coming into force but also being aware of the IT system not even being built employed extra staff costing the taxpayers £1.3million. Already those two points do not show any savings as promised and Mr Smith had no answer already for that mess. He still does not admit the system is a complete shamble.

In spite of it all, Mr Smith paid himself and his staff a bonus of £44million which is incredible and the most unbelievable point is that the Prime Minister David Cameron just stands by and does not intervene. Every time there was an outcry from the public and newspapers were printing details of the chaos existing in the DWP nothing more was done but another reassurance of that Universal Credit will be delivered on time and within the budget. This whitewash did not convince the taxpayers especially when it was repeated times and again while the chaos continued.

Mr Smith still insists that the reform will be working and ready on time in 2017. However, worried ministers started to question the reform and put pressure on for a clear answer.  A leaked document added further incredibility and complains. It stated that by 2015 only 0.2 percent would have moved onto the new system which meant 25,000 people.  This definitely proved the incompetent of the DWP head Ian Duncan Smith and the Prime Minister David Cameron to establish a measly 25,000 cases were processed between April 2013 and April 2015 at a cost of £34million written off, £1.3million for extra staff and £44million for bonuses. That result floors an elephant.
While this wastage of million goes on the taxpayers not only has to foot the bill but also their benefits are being cut constantly because of the famous bring down the deficit and austerity measures being necessary.
Surely there never had been a bigger irresponsible waste of money in any government while David Cameron strutting about giving empty promises, smiling trying to re-assure the public all is well, throwing more money about and could not care less.  The same situation is another so called reform at the National Health Service but this will be another report. Stay with us.

Till this government came into power Britain had a perfectly run DWP. Admittedly there were some flaws where people scrounging on benefits which they did not deserve and that was the excuse of the great reform. However, it would have been far less expensive if Mr Smith ordered staff to go some records thoroughly trying to picked them out and let the rest of the well running system go on.

The drama is coming up to the peak with many ministers putting on pressure and it summons up into two choices.  One is to revert back to the original system and write off £119million for work carried out during the last three year.  The second option is to carry on and throwing good money after bad which still ends up in chaos and total inefficient. Not having saved a penny for the taxpayers as trumpeted around but costing a lot more which most probably will be the case at the end, if carried on.

Latest news is that Mr Smith is moving the reform trials into London. In spite of not working he extents it even further. That man and Cameron leaves any one speechless about their audacity.

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