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Will it be another empty promise?

UPDATED: 4 August 2014 -- In my opinion if it still exists it will never be found. It contains too many names and that is why it "vanished". It is a well known fact already that senior members pressure juniors with their career will be cut short. So what is the Prime Minister and his Cabinet still trying to hide?

Last night the Prime Minister agreed to a new hunt for the missing paedophile dossier which was given to Leon Brittan. He was the Home Secretary at that time under the Margaret Thatcher's Government. The 50-page dossier alleged there is a paedophile ring in Westminster.

David Cameron ordered the Home Office's top official Mark Sedwill to conduct a fresh hunt for the documents. Is this promise for real or just to keep the people who demand it, quiet? The Prime Minister seems to promise so easily but rarely fulfils his promise.


The dossier was handed to Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983. With all the reassurance and promises coming from David Cameron it is doubtful it still exists. The main reason for its disappearance, most probably, is that there are names from top government officials which would bring them crashing down and their families. To hang out famous performers and artists is one thing but bringing politicians into court it is doubtful it will ever happen. First of all the Department of Justice is part of any government and judges are too close to the whole set-up.

A very strong power is Tory MP Zac Goldsmith who might just be able to get the issue through. He is backed by 130 MPs from all parties and campaigning for a public inquiry into reports of a cover-up.

David Cameron should have been all for it from a start and not when evidence was mention of a Customs officer passed video tapes to the police. One Tory MP was supposedly mentioned in the dossier had child porn videos at Dover in 1980. The videos showed children clearly under 12 and in a sex act. The MP was never arrested and charged.

Will it be another show which ends into nothing? Hopefully with Zac Goldsmith and the 130 MPs there will be a result and the dirty paedophile ring will exposed and crushed. It is already disgusting that this was covered-up for thirty years. To use young children to satisfy your desire it below any understanding and acceptance. It is one of the worst crime any one can commit. These kids's life is destroyed no matter how hard they try to bring it back to normality

Two fine example was MP of Rotherham Cyril Smith and another Jimmy Saville. There definitely was a massive cover-up because they were only exposed after their death. Now, many people seem to have known about it some even told the people who should been responsible to bring to justice but everything was hushed up and the phaedophiles went on with their despicable acts and it must have been some one very, very powerful.

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