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The fact remains that phone hacking had been done, especially on the murdered girl Milli. A large sum of taxpayers'money had been spent to bring the main offenders to justice and the court and judges could not find them guilty is incredible. Even the prevention of justice was wiped off the table by the defending lawyers headed  by Mr Cameron's Brother. Milli's family must be devastated by the outcome

UPDATE:   10 June, 2015 --  The case against Andy Coulson also collapsed. Again the inquiry and court cases were all for nothing but cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

UPDATE:  5 September, 2014 -- The real guilty ones got away as usual and let the people who only followed orders take the full wrap.  Of course, they should have refused to follow orders but to some extent it is excusable if you are in a high position. Now, they would be better off had they refused. 

Nevertheless, it does not make it right for the real guilty ones not to be charged. They should have had the highest sentence because they had the responsibility for the paper and its staff. Besides it was totally wrong for the Prime Minister David Cameron not being forced to forward his email between himself, Brooks and Coulson. It would have given more information and should have been vital first to the inquiry and now to the court case. 

At long last the verdict was given on the phone hackers.  Andy Coulson received the longest sentence of 18 months because he was the editor of the News of the World at that time; so was Brooks and she got off the hook. W H Y?  The judge stated that in his (Coulson) position he was more responsible of the plot to intercept thousands of voicemail messages of royals, celebrities and members of the public. It weighed most heavily against them that they were hacking the 13-old Milly’s phone in 2002 which led to the false belief she was still alive.

Two of the former editors Greg Miskiw, 64, and Neville Thurlbeck, 52, received a six months sentence. James Weatherup, 58, a four month suspended sentence and 200 hours of unpaid community work.


The worst in this scenario was that Prime Minister David Cameron employed Andy Coulson straight away when he was sacked after the scandal of phone hacking broke.  Coulson was employed as nothing but the director of communication in 2007. Who would in his right mind would employ a man who is involved in phone hacking as a director of communication in 10 Downing Street? Furthermore David Cameron only sacked Coulson after a long battle from the public and MPs putting on pressure.

Labour leader Ed Miliband went for David Cameron stating:  “My thoughts are with the victims of phone hacking, the victims of Andy Coulson’s behaviour. I think, once again, it throws up serious questions about David Cameron’s judgement in bringing a criminal into the heart of Downing Street, despite repeated warnings. This is a verdict on Andy Coulson’s criminal behaviour and also a verdict on David Cameron’s judgement.”

Coulson, father-of-three from Sutton, South London, England, denied conspiring to intercept voicemails between 2000 and 2006 but was found guilty by a jury. However, a the sentence of 18 months which will be halved for ‘good behaviour’ does not give justice to the crime, hurt and damage he and the others have done.

The judge added: “As we now know Milly was already dead, The News of the World delayed telling the police the contents of the voicemail until they realised they were not going to find Milly. That was unforgivable and could only have happened with the knowledge of the person editing the paper that week. Andy Coulson.”

Private detective Glenn Mulcaire, 43, who hacked the phones, received a suspended six-month sentence. He was already jailed in 2007 with ex-News of the World royal reporter Clive Goodman for hacking phone.

The judge added further: “They were distinguished journalists who had no need to behave as they did to be successful. Now their reputations and careers are irreparable damaged.”

Cameron had the unspeakable nerve to state: “It says it is right justice should be done and no one is above the law.”  Well that really puts the full-stop on it on his principle trying to pull his neck out of the loop.  In my opinion Rebekah Brooks and her husband were found to divert the cause of justice by the police. The police do not bring up allegation lightly in such a high profiled case. Rebekah Brooks was chief editor at that time but never received a sentence. WHY?


 David Cameron never handed over the emails between himself, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. Why was Cameron not forced to do so? One thing was funny even in this scenario that David Cameron always signed  his email with “lol” thinking it was “lots of love” until Rebekah put him wise that the meaning is “lots of laugh”. Was it just a slip up or does it tells us something more?

Coulson and Goodman face another trial on two charges that they paid for confidential directories with numbers of members of the Royal Family and their staff.


Another person who showed his real character in this case, was Rupert Murdoch. The moment the scandal broke he was off to the USA.  Before this he was all thick with the Conservative Party and its top members as far back as Margaret Thatcher. In her eyes he could do no wrong.  After he was safely away in American he criticised Britain and contemn the way of living. So far he kept well quiet and away from Britain, as before he was more in Britain than in the USA. He broke a 165 year old newspaper The News of the World which he closed down immediately.

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