Monday, 14 July 2014


It is these 'great' experiments of the Masterbrain Cameron which plugs the money from the NHS constantly and surprise, surprise always ends in failures. Is it done on purpose to send NHS further into financial trouble? Is the remaining money put back? Doubtful.

A flagship scheme to improve care for the elderly ended up in chaos. It is the "Better Care Fund" which would take from the NHS budget £2billion to finance the elderly to be cared for by the council. The very fact that the NHS and the council have not got a penny extra because of the Government's constant cuts  did not occur to David Cameron and his Cabinet. Even with the £2billion from the NHS it would not pay the care the elderly need. Besides the NHS cannot effort to lose the £2billion     without getting into real serious financial trouble.

The NHS chiefs informed Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of the consequences which would lead financial collapse of hospitals and having to cut A&E by 15 per cent. The head of NHS England Simon Stevens has also raised the matter with Mr Hunt and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.


And here is another U-turn by the government which ordered the councils to hand back the care money if the hospitals are in danger of going under. That again is an one of the typical half-backed decision of the government constantly make trying to smoothing the waves but it does never work.

It was originally planned to have the "Better Care Fund" in place by next year but now it is feared it will not. So does that mean, that in the mean time, the NHS pays the £2billion to the council even if the scheme is not yet in practise and is even harder up? Will it be paid back or vanished in the sand like so many other payment?

Shadow Care Minister Liz Kendall MP said: "The whole scheme is in chaos. This isn't a Better Care Fund. It's a Botched Cameron Farce."

After all these revelations Mr Hunt brought in a programme director, another Tory friend gets a high salaried post,  and more staff to try to rescue the project. This is again controversial to the government's great plan of bringing down the cost and with it the deficit.. It seems that ever since the Tory-led Government came into power they wasted money on hundreds of contractors which never gave a full service, Department of Work and Pensions with the Flagship of Universal Credit and now this scheme. Money which put together runs into billions of pounds and all from taxpayers who are down to starvation and sheer poverty and relying on food banks.

For four years Prime Minister David Cameron sits back and sees the chaos building up and costing more money. All these service were running very smoothly, especially the NHS and Department of Work and Pensions, until all these great brain waves were introduced and ended into nothing but a very costly mess.

There must be a method in this madness. Is it to syphon off money all the time while these great reforms suppose taken place but never do? In th ecase of Department Works and Pension's reform it cost the taxpayers£800million and Ian Duncan Smith paid the out £44million for bonuses to himself and the staff for creating a very costly mess.

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