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UPDATE: 9 May, 2016 --
A new report claims that Israel is still bombing Gaza despite the cease fire agreement.  30 dead and 1,325 injured. Israel seems to have the right to ignore any law and order because the USA is standing behind them. Yet if anybody speaks of their wrong doing it is anti-Semitism. Clever way to shut everybody up.
Israel will not rest until they have the whole Palestine. There is already hardly anything left according to the maps in 1948 till now.

UPDATE: 9 October, 2015 --
It happened again!  
According to the report two Israelis  been killed and the Israeli soldiers shot four Palestinians dead. 

Again they should have been question and proven if it was them in court.

They do not need to talk about the Nazis.  There is many way to kill people. Since 1948 how many Palestinians had been killed one way or another? Look at the map from 1948 till now.  Israel took all the Palestinians. land, apart from Gaza which is blocked from the sea and the West Bank which is "occupied" by Israel. UN and US do not object about all of this.

UPDATE: 29 Sept., 2014 --   It had now been announced that Israeli troops entered the West Bank searching for their three missing youths. On the 18 July they found a grave of  three dead near Hebron. They also found Hamas people barricaded and broke down the door. There were the two accused supposedly killing the three youths. Israelis shot them dead. No date was given of that occasion.  The supposedly accused should have been arrested or injured  to bring them into court. If Israel knew they were in the West Bank all the time why were they bombing Gaza almost into the ground? Both incidents should be questioned and investigated but will it? There was not even a condemnation voiced by the USA and West. After all over 2000 people, mostly civilians were killed and 19,000 homes destroyed.  It does not justify.

UPDATE: 3 September, 2014 -- Barely a few days after the agreed cease fire between Israel and Gaza. Israel planed to occupy a large piece of land from the West Bank as revenge of the three killed Israelis. The West Bank was  conquered during the six-day war 1967 from Jordan. A peace treaty was signed between Palestine and Israel whereby Israel had to give Gaza and the West Bank back to the Palestinian people. Now, two days ago Israel took 800 hectare from the West Bank. The US criticised it but that was all. Israel will just ignore it like any other criticism and carried on as it always did during the last decades. No sanctions there.

UPDATED: 18 August, 2014 --  Now Israel extended the truce for another  five days. The other day there was a small post in the newspaper that the three Israelis who lost their at the beginning of the all out attack by Israel where supposedly killed by Mossad. Mossad is the secret agents of Israel.  If that can be proven then Israel is in real hot water.

UPDATED:  7 August, 2014 -- Israel is offering, all of a sudden, extension of further three days ceasefire.  After all the recent hard stand from Israel it came as a surprise. Is it that they realise the public are not afraid to stand up and go into action of boycotting Israeli goods or are they restocking  their weaponry? Whatever the reason the public will not be taken in so easily.

UPDATE: 3 August, 2014  --  Israel claimed that a soldier was missing assumed captured by Hamas and it is reason for continuation of bombing Gaza.  Now, on Sunday it emerged that the soldier was killed in action. Surely Israel knew about the real fact. Therefore the fabricated story served as a reason to destroy and kill more people. What about the three murdered teenager which started Israel to bomb Gaza? Where they killed by Hamas? Whatever the truth 1,800 dead and 3,000 injured would be more than a reason to stop bombing. As Israel can see the leaders might agree with it but most of the general public is getting against it and now campaigning not to buy Israeli goods. Any goods with the bar code starting 729 will be rejected. It is slow but an effective campaign to show the disgust of Israel's actions.  Their systematically bombing of people who are sitting ducks is wrong.

UPDATE:  31 July, 2014  --  Since Israel now concentrates on finding and destroying the tunnel the Palestinians built could they not stop bombing? They just could find the tunnels and either barricade them or closed them with tonnes of concrete. At least they would not kill civilians. But at the same time they have to stop blockade their harbour.  At all the people have to get supplies.  They cannot starve them out. 

Surely by now Israel revenged their three people more than enough and could and should stop destroying Gaza and killing its people.  The Palestinian people have also a right to live somewhere. On Monday they intensified bombing and 100 people were killed.


So far, over the years, the world felt always sorry for the Jews and therefore for Israel because of the holocaust which was wrong. When the Jewish people was given the promised land by the Allies in 1945 Palestine already lost a lot of their homeland. But ever since Israel instead of being the most peace loving country and happy to have eventually their promised land kept on fighting and gained more land. Israel has to face it that other nation also want to live in their country and without losing constantly some areas.

Israel first gave the reason for attacking Gaza because three Israelis were found dead. They bombarded Gaza relentlessly and now the death toll stands at 1,200 with over 3,500 injured. Israel so far had 83 killed. It shows more than enough the unequal fight. Now it gives the reason for fighting to destroy the tunnels which people built under Gaza. These tunnels are not a surprise after the Israelis blockaded the Gaza Strip ever since they had to give it back. Is it not the real reason?  Israel tried to starve the Palestinians into submission by blockading their ports.

Israel has by far the more sophisticated weapon and a dome built, financed by the USA, which prevents any missiles hitting the capital.  We must keep in focus that Palestinian people can not escape the attacks from air, ground and sea because their borders are closed. They are sitting ducks which makes the whole operation most unfair. Even the UN had declared it an illegitimate war.

In spite of John Kerry of the USA rushing from one meeting to another to achieve a ceasefire Israel announced that they will keep on fighting for a long time. They also announce a plan to increase the bombardment and call up the reservist of the army. Does that mean they want to completely flatten Gaza and wipe the people out? That picture seems to emerge slowly.

USA was always the main support for Israel and closed their eyes that Israel has chemical weapons and nuclear once which they absolutely condemn in any other countries. Look at the uproar about Syria when the chemical weapons were revealed and it nearly got us into a third World War. USA also keeps criticising Iran and North Korea.

USA John Kerry apparently received quite a short meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because even the USA seems not to agree fully with the continuous bombardment, invasion of the ground force and shelling from the sea. Mr Kerry was even accused to side with Hamas because he is trying hard to bring about  a ceasefire. This shows and proves the attitude of Israel. All Israel's actions will eventually lose the sympathy from other nation and the people. They should be aware that it started already and if the bombardment goes on it will grow.

Israel for their own good should think about not riding the high waves so much. There is always some other power about which might be just as powerful or even more. Right through history you can see nations and countries rising to power and then rolling over others. The same history also shows they did get defeated eventually.

Why can't people just be happy with what they got and sit back an enjoy it? It would avoid all this bloodshed.

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