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CHILD ABUSE INQUIRY -- Update 19 May, 2016

UPDATE: 19 May, 2016 --  Ms Goddard handed further 30,000 cases of child abuse to the police. No details given so far but hopefully there will be no exception whether politicians, celebrities or ordinary people

UPDATE:  13 July. 2015 -- It had been announced that the result of the inquiry will be published in 2030 which is outrageous. It is no justice to the victims and punishment to the offenders. The police already have 1,400  alleged offender including 76 politicians. The police special branch must had done a very thorough job therefore there is no reason for such a hold-up, unless to cover-up. 

UPDATE:  28 March, 2015 -- In my opinion the question remains whether Judge Lowell Goddard is really independent being chosen by the present Tory-led government? No offence meant towards Mrs Goddard but in view of the Tory records it does raise my suspicion. One more point I have to raise. Mrs Goddard stated that it would take four years but it did not take four years, in case of celebrities, to compile the evidence, question them, arrest them, bring them to court and convict them.  Why with the politicians?

Child abuse is not another political game to protect each other. Children were abused at an early age and life been destroyed. Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith could have been stopped years ago if they were not protected by the Establishment.  For all we know it might still go on now only because nobody dares to stand up and bring to justice. Nobody should be above the Law.

UPDATED:  4 February, 2015 --  Finally, and hopefully finally, Home Secretary Theresa May found a new Judge to head the Child Abuse Inquiry.  It is a New Zealand High Court Judge Lowell Goddard.  No mistake she gave a big speech in the House of Common about how determined she is to bring the perpetrators to justice. If it true it would be a good thing and high time the victims get justice and the inquiry will not be again another whitewash as all the other inquiries were.


UPDATE: 7 December, 2014 -- The Home Secretary Theresa May supposed to have met the victims of the cases of child abuse but she avoided them, even the meeting was set up, and went to Brussels. That is another insult. What a heartless thing to do. The meeting was supposed to put on pressure and find out when the next candidate will be chosen to chair the inquiry. The campaigner Peter Saunders was told by an official that the next chairman will be chosen in the next few weeks. What a wash off but typical for Theresa May. How must they have felt to be treated like that after all they had been through already.


After the resignation of Fiona Woolf the inquiry into the child abuse seemed to have slipped not only from the headlines but into total silence.  Are the paedophiles hoping the public will for get it? Hopefully not. These victims had been waiting far too long which is a crime of it own.  The other reason would be playing for time. This fact is at the moment too obvious.  The first two candidates who suppose to chair the inquiry were, as it proved, too closed to the government to be totally independent. Home Secretary Theresa May must have been aware of this and therefore it was a play for time.

Now, Fiona Woolf resigned on 31 October, 2014, but there seems to be no attempt to announce another person. Surely, that could not be so difficult as to take four weeks for announcing a new and this time independent top lawyer.  

Playing for time and the guilty predators would hopefully vanish was already done since the 1980. Leon Brittan as a Home Secretary at that time to “lose” a vital file about the paedophile ring within Westminster seems to raise nothing but suspicion of a cover-up of the highest order

Even PM David Cameron promised to order a search for the file but up till today to no avail.
Since the first ice broke and it emerged there seems to be a huge activity of keeping the lid on it. It was not the only files supposed to have been lost. When the scandal of another paedophile ring broke in Rotherham the Police Commissioner for Crime was asked to resign. He did after a mounting pressure from the public.  No sooner did he resign the files also vanished. This scandal concerned around 1,400 children. 

Is it only when certain known persons die the books get opened and the full truth spills out? Like it was the case in Jimmy Saville and MP Mr Smith of Rochdale.  All of a sudden the children’s reports were believed and made official documents.  Hundreds of people admit now they knew about his activities but were told to keep quiet and it is known that the orders came from the very top.

A horrifying report was made about 650 missing children in Great Manchester from children homes. The shocking revelation came from Labour MP Ann Coffey who led her own inquiry.  She discovered that about 200 children a month reported that they have been sexually abused.  Yet, only 7 per cent of the 13,000 case over six years had been convicted.

The report was made after the doubtful handling of the police and council of the Rochdale and Rotherham child grooming scandals.

Ms  Coffrey said: “My observations will make painful reading for those who hoped Rochdale was an isolated case. This is a real and ongoing problem."

A great number of children said that they were approached and it emphasises the reality of “everyday Life".

"The fact that one girl abused by gang of men at age of 14 years is still waiting for her case to come to court  -- after 10 years."  It also condemns the Justice department.  Ms Coffrey said:  ”I did try and get the help, but nobody wanted to know.

"The cases which came to court their files were marked, by the Crown Prosecution Service, that the child was wearing the wrong clothes and another file where the father called her a “slag” and were dismissed with no further action.

"Yes, that is the sordid world established by people who supposed to be responsible for Law and Order. Therefore it is no wonder that the paedophiles are today spread widely, especially in the upper circle.
This is not the world the general public wants to live in and bring up their children. The only power we have is to complain and put pressure on the government who tries to cover it all up."

Daily Mirror

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