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UPDATE 27 Sept., 2019 - May resigned under great pressure and Boris Johnson was voted in by his Tories. The waste of Taxpayers' money even increased and so did the troubles, Debts and Austerity. Brexit is looming on 31 October, 2019 but BJ lets calmly roll the waggon into it; causes Ireland a border and great devastation economical, immigration, more hardship for general public. Tories and fatcats will benefit from a no-deal-Brexit  

UPDATE: 18 May, 2016 -- Tories promises of an improved economy and smears on Labour's economy has ended, so far, in highest deficit for 67 years, £115billion more debt and increased unemployment. Yet Cameron still stand in the House of Common given never an answer in PMQ and making fun of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. How on earth does he get away with it all?

UPDATE: 18 October, 2015 -- It is hard to accept that the Tories won again after all the damages they done in their previous reign. As foretold they now show their real face. A £12billion cut in Welfare is being worked out and announced in two weeks time. They will continue with their austerity drive despite it did not work and now is uncovered as a con  because the rich got richer beyond belief. 

The promised improvement of the economy, at the General Election, has already increased the debts from £1,500trillion to £1,560trillion and the FTSE has lost 1,500 on share value ever since the Tories won the election.

Cameron has not put his promised £8billion into the NHS and the NHS is not at breaking point.

In  my opinion it is amazing how the Tory's led government can all of a sudden reduce the deficit, unemployment and promise to put in £2billion, now even £8billion into the NHS. Why were they not doing it all the time during their five years in office? Don't be taken in because as in 2010 it is nothing but fiddles and false promises again. If they win they show their real faces again

We do not know how good or bad Mr Osborne was with mathematics at school and we will never be told.

However, it is obvious now that his adding and subtracting does not work. He thinks he can stupefy the public but those days, due to the Internet, are over.  He also can put down his whitewash brush because there is not enough paint to cover it any more.

His plans of cutting back almost twice as much as before will certainly bring the UK back to the 1930 and he knows it. It is another point where he assumes the public buys it that he, PM David Cameron and the rest of the coalition is not aware of it or deny it, it will happened.

Chancellor George Osborne keeps on about reducing the deficit.  Why does he keep the same plan as for past five years is not known but the facts speak for themselves.  Even with his doubling the cuts he will not reduce the deficit but increase it because the deficit is the difference between government spending and the incoming tax.  When he cut the stamp duty tax it is already a downturn of his trying to reduce the deficit.  It is helpful to the buyers as he puts it if he only cut the stamp duty tax for lower priced houses but for higher priced properties he increasing it.  It helps the young people to get a foot on the ladder but financially it would not bring  in any extra money,


So far the present government had not achieved the 1 percent GDP they took over in 2010.  This recovery in 2009 was achieved by the Labour Party PM Gordon Brown after a horrendous financial crisis caused by the financiers, purposely, world wide.  Only because they had to bail-out the fatcats Banks. In Gordon Brown's last budget in March 2010 he even promised a possible reduction of VAT from 15 per cent, increase of winter fuel bills for the pensioners, increase for the nurses, police and fire brigade's wages.  I was a terrific budget to improve the life in Britain. Why people had to vote the Tories after all they have done the last time, it is hard to understand.  If they did vote them in again?????

A few weeks ago Mr Osborne announced that he would introduce a £48billion cut when they will be elected.  Previously he cut £21billion per year and it brought the people down to poverty and having to rely on food banks. It never happened since the Second World War and that was soup kitchen.  First of all there is no more money to be saved but if he follows his plan of £48billion it will bring the country to a standstill. Everything is already cut to the bare bones.

Surprisingly enough in his last budget he mentioned £27billion. Did he change his mind temporarily for the General Election and if they win will he upgrade it again to £48billion? The voters never had to think so hard where to put their cross on the election paper since the country had already five years of utter squeeze for the people and the Elite never got so rich since the Victorian time.

It is obvious Mr Osborne’s austerity did not work. He was even criticised or advised by other countries to change his plan. Mrs Merkel of Germany and even the IMF told him it won’t work. Now after five years in government the debts has increased by £500billion in spite of his austerity.  What has masterbrain done with all that money?

UK is on top of the list with 5pc of GDP
France has 4.4pc of GDP
Italy has 1.5 of GDP
Germany has 0.2 of GDP

USA was on the same level as UK but brought it down to 2.8pc of GDP

Germany and USA borrowed and invest it in the economy.  Mr Osborne was advised to do the same but, oh no, he nevertheless borrowed but did not invest it in the economic. It just vanished. Does he not realise that the more he screws down the public spending the less he gets in VAT?.   

Then there goes tenth of billions of pounds out of the country into tax haven.   The money in tax haven has now risen to £39trillion. That is where he should put the pressure on but would not because they are all too close to the Tory Party and donate heavily.  He should cut these massive bonuses and huge salaries which were only introduced by the Tory-led Government. Never before were such high salaries and bonuses paid out. No man is worth that kind of income or does such a worthwhile job to justify a £4 or £5million income a year.

Another great saving could be made by getting out of the EU. The general public had been against it for years. In the last General Election David Cameron promise a referendum of IN/OUT of Europe but as all his other promises it was never kept.  The EU costs far too much money. Again Brussels demanded £1.7billion. If it was spent into the economy it would create a lot of jobs and revenue .  According to a report the UK receive only 5 per cent businesses from the EU.  If  PM David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne would invest that money into the country it would bring down the debts and the economy would overnight be in full swing.  It would cut unemployed which would save benefits.

The UK should also stop paying benefit for children living abroad.  Also stop paying for people, when they go back to go their own country, unemployment benefits and for their family.

That is where the Chancellor should apply austerity and it would bring the necessary money plus improving the economy.

Another great saving would be to stop getting involved in wars only because the Americans say so.  Harold Wilson was the only Prime Minister who said no to the USA getting involved with Vietnam and what a slaughter that avoided. Why did Tony Blair and now David Cameron not have the courage to do the same? Especially Cameron after he was defeated by the MPs’ votes with entering Syria. This time he did not held a vote, which was not democratic, and just went ahead.  Why, because he knew people had enough of war and he would be defeated again.  Cameron’s action not only cost the country a fortune but also created very deadly enemies which we would not have otherwise.

Already Mr Cameron is trying to scare people to death with the warning of a coming Global Crunch.  Is he also trying to divert their mind so he and his cronies would not be so criticised or trying to put a shield around himself and the Tories? In 2008 the so called "Credit Crunch" but orchestrated by top financiers Mr Cameron blamed the Labour Party. Now with his prophesy of a coming "Global Crunch" why does he not prevent it this time to reach the UK?

Looking back to 2010 Mr Gordon Brown survived one of the biggest crush and ended with a plus 1pc GDP within two years. Yes, he borrowed but he had to bail-out the banks.  Had he won the election the UK would not be in that sorry state and nor the people.  His last budget was very promising for the people. Why people had to turn their back on him is never to be understood especially after the Tories already reeked havoc under Margaret Thatcher? 

The same happened when Clement Attlee gave the people the NHS and a welfare state which was the greatest gift and as a thank you for their sacrifices. The next General Election you would have thought Labour would have won with flying colour but the voters turned their back on them and voted the Tories.  It was an ungrateful act and is still unbelievable.

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