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Update 2 Jan., 2018 -- Westminster alcohol consumption increased to £1,8bn in the last year


Cameron barely elected decides that the MPs should have 10 per cent pay rise and the poor and disabled the £12billion Welfare cut.

UPDATED: 10 March, 2015 --  The so called reform of the Department of Work and Pensions cost the taxpayers £800million. The mastermind Ian Duncan Smith never got it off the ground. It is surprising Ian Duncan Smith is in such a position after he was caught claiming taxes for his Wife working for a firm which did not exists. He slipped through the net because the expenses scandal exploded. It nevertheless tells of his character and such a man rules over benefits of disabled people deciding whether to pay or not.  


UPDATE: 17 February, 2015 -- Ministry of Defence wasted £6million on earplugs which are useless A total sum of £50million was wasted for faulty or useless equipments or errors.

Whitehall waste £5billion a year through errors, unused equipment and compensation.


UPDATED: 4 February,2015 -- Nick Clegg, leader of the LibDem and coalition, has in 2012 started a youth employment scheme which costs the taxpayers £1billion but nothing came of it. It suppose to give 160,000 young unemployed training and jobs. What happened to the money?  The taxpayers ought to be given an account of it.


UPDATE:  3 February, 2015 -- Tory William Hague uses £2,000 a day taxpayers'money to live in a luxurious apartment in London.


UPDATE: 13 January 2015 --  Tory MP Eric Pickles spent approx. £50,000 on a trip to China hiring a private plane and staying in the most luxurious hotels. In spite of the Prime Minister forbidden to fly First Class Eric Pickles was allowed to do one better and hired a private plane.


The UK’s Chancellor George Osborne spent £43,064 on lawyers to stop the cap of bankers’ bonuses while people starving.  Why he bothered at all is already questionable?  The rules have so many backdoors.
The cap for bonuses supposed to be for not more than 100per cent of their salaries but with shareholders’ approval it can be 200 per cent.

This information came from Freedom of Information. The EU tried to clamp down on fatcats’ exuberant payment.  The EU Court of Justice ruled the EU rule for the bonus cap is “valid”.


Then the next point that the MPs employing relatives and it adds to their already high wages plus all expenses paid.   The annual bill increased by 50 per cent in the last four years the Coalition is in power. It reached now £3.8million. About 170 MPs, including Cabinet Ministers, are hiring children, wives and relatives paying them anything between £20,000 and £40,000 a year taxpayers’ money.

2010 the costs were £2,4million

2013-14 the costs were £3.8million.


The Department of Work and Pensions cutting down on benefits, including disabled people, but spent £44million of bonuses on himself, Ian Duncan Smith and his staff, last year.


£19trillion was syphoned off the Treasury and put it into tax haven. If it were Labour’s it would be all court cases but it is assumed they all on the side of the Tories and most probably donors.


£180,000 was spent on the reshuffle of Cabinet’s Minister to improve the chance of winning the General Election.  Since it was for that reason it should be paid by the Tory Party and not the taxpayers.  The same was when Osborne and Cameron travelled around campaigning; it is paid by the taxpayers. They found  loophole if a trip is to a factory etc then is it a Government business trip. Therefore they always include a visit to a factory wherever they campaigning and that after receiving £40million from their  rich friends to ensure they win the election. Yet their eternal greed makes them charge the taxpayers,


Now the luxurious travels of MPs.  In the last four years £50million were spent on luxurious travel.  It counts for 13 out of the 21 Whitehall departments  In 2010 a rule was made that it is forbidden to travel First Class in trains as well as in planes. David Cameron ordered that all MPs have to travel economy class but it is totally ignored. Not only that but they even hire private planes, including Cameron.

Cameron made a joke of it himself because he not only travels first class but hires private planes.  About two years ago he went to a Commonwealth meeting to Australia and hired a private plane and vanished before the last day where all the other leaders were still trying to get the last chance of a deal.  He went to a Vineyard.

The Ministry of Justice spent £29million on taxis, First Class train and flights in five years.  £3.1million was spent on taxis alone.


These are only very few examples how the taxpayers’ hard-earned money is callously spent with no thoughts about the working people who cannot afford three meals a day, warm winter clothes for themselves and their children. They dare not heat their homes probably otherwise they can not pay their bills
Last winter there were 20,000 deaths recorded of hypothermia and it was a warm winter.  This winter will be a harsh one and already heavy frost was recorded for weeks.  It is scary to think what will be the outcome? It is mainly the elderly who need more warmth because their body heat is dropping and especially that generation fought so hard for Britain and sacrificed so much.

Yet that Chancellor wants to cut even more down and at the same time on taxpayers’ money establish a new department “Feed Britain”.

The only way to counteract these lunatic politics is to vote now the right Party in.  The last Labour Party was not always perfect, under Tony Blair because he is a Thatcherite.  It seems to be back as the "old Labour" and cares about the working class people. Do not fall for the UKIP sending out messages of being an alternative party. It is only standing by and joins up with the Tories to win the General Election. As it is the party is full of “defected” Tories and Farage himself was a Tory. To me it looks a pre-arranged set-up all along.

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