Wednesday, 14 January 2015


UPDATE 28 Nov., 2016 --
He even had the nerve to give speeches in the USA charging £100,000 each. Now, after the Chilcot report was published the demand for his speeches seemed to have tried up.

Tony Blair, belief or not, wants to come back into politics. As a MP he would receive £74,000 pa all expenses paid. Does he ever get enough?

UPDATE: 7 July, 2016 --
The Chilcot report is published today and is no white-wash. Although it does not actually name Tony Blair because then he could have got into court but the report states that it was illegal.

Tony Blair  had many warnings that there are no WMD but he also had reports twisting the truth.

Blair did not check them out and went ahead. He did not consult the Privy Council, MPs or people and sent the troops very ill equipped into Iraq. It caused many more deaths than necessary.

Now, Tony Blair said sorry and at the same time "He would do it again".  It is contracting his "Sorry", twisted the knife in the heart of families who lost their sons and the remark was totally unnecessary because he will not get the chance again.

If he is not at the International Crime Court at The Hague he should certainly be banned from politics and any public speaking.

First pretending to be Labour but he is really a Thatcherite. Second to invade Iraq and Afghanistan illegally and still insists he would do it again. At the back of death and destruction he accumulate a wealth of £100million. He is not worth knowing.

UPDATED:  30 August, 2015 -

After a track record of started two illegal wars Tony Blair had the thick never to say: "That Labour has to come to its senses." According to his statement Jeremy Corbyn is dreaming of a "Alice in Wonderland." 

Tony Blair should not and has no right to open his mouth  and pass criticism.

UPDATE: 6 March, 2015 -- Tony Blair gave each of the 106 MPs a £1,000 to fight to win the General Election.  They should give it back because it is nothing but blood on it and he is a Thatcherite in other words two faced. It would not be a surprised if he spies for the Tories.  Personally I would not trust him as far as I can throw him. Due to his two illegal wars the people are under threat in the UK as they never have been before, by terrorism.

Tony Blair should stay away from Labour and especially from its campaign.  The moment the General Election campaign started Tony Blair seems to be popping up in the pictures.  W H Y?  Has he not done enough damage to Labour? In the meantime he dropped his mask and by now it is well known that he is a Thatcherite  Therefore he can only do more harm to Labour or is that his indention to help his Tories?  He is definitely no Labour man and everybody knows it.

From a start to bring the country into the Afghanistan and Iraq war with a lie is not the way Labour is known for.  He caused hundred of thousand of death and maiming. Has he still not the conscience to stay well out of sight and politics? Now we have the aftermath that Britain is on the blacklist of the IS and any moment there could be atrocity on the streets of Britain thanks to Tony Blair and David Cameron. The £10million Iraq Inquiry the papers have not be made public after six years and amongst the people who prevented it was Tony Blair's name. The £10million was again paid by the taxpayers. Furthermore, since the public paid for it it the result should be given to them. It is their property.

Today, the Government pays £20million compensation. This is not a criticism on Iraqi people receiving compensation; it is a criticism of the Government paying it with taxpayers' money instead of Tony Blair. It is estimated that Tony Blair has a wealth of around £100million. He denies it, of course, but even his friends stated that it is an underestimation. Whatever wealth he possess he should pay the £20million compensation because he started the war on a lie.

After he was moved out of Labour he still receives £465,000 a pension for his lies and deceits. He aught to be ashamed to take it especially when he straight away got a post as a Middle-East Peace Envoy which is a joke after declaring war on Afghanistan and Iraq. What is the UN thinking of?

Apparently he has built up his own  business empire in the meantime by holding talks, advising business deals, properties and so on which by now amounts to £57million. Is he also at Labour HQ on an advisory job? It would not be surprising?

Whatever he is up to it would be advisable that Ed Miliband dissociates himself from Tony Blair and his double dealings and sly manners. In my opinion he might even be there to find out and inform his Tory friends.


  1. You're totally confused. Labour is Thatcherite, too.

  2. Thank you for your comment but in my view it was under Tony Blair and he tried to pull Labour to be Thatcherite. Now Ed Miliband is trying to put Labour back again.