Saturday, 17 January 2015


In my opinion: They are not the only ones who receive such enormous bonuses. It is scandalous because especially at a time of great starvation these people pocket not only the highest salaries ever but also hundred of thousands of pounds if not millions of pounds bonuses. Yet mastermind PM David Cameron does nothing about it but planning further cuts for councils and public.

This is a scandalous report beyond any comparison.  Their New York Head Quarter confirmed that the company was able to keep aside a £8,35billion which is 37 per cent of  £22.8billion turnover. Golman Sachs is the richest Tory MP in the UK.

This success is also from the Royal Mail sale. Goldman Sachs’ advisers convinced ministers to sell the Royal Mail in 2013 at such a low rate that the taxpayers lost £1billion. The shares, of course, jumped up after the sale their clients through another branch of Goldman Sachs and made £12million by buying and selling shares.  How much did the Prime Minister David Cameron and his friends gain?  He ought to be ashamed to have sold a peace of his country.

Furthermore, the Chancellor George Osborne spent £53,000 on a court case at the EU Court of Justice to fight a cap on the bankers’ bonus. He lost it but it showed his attitude.

Records reveal that in 2013 the top executives of banks received a payout of £3million.  It is the same financiers who brought down the crash in 2009 and their banks had to be bail-out with taxpayers’ money but this is apparently all forgotten but the taxpayers are still carries the burden.  By right any profit should have been paid back to the taxpayers.

According to the statistics the average worker has its income lowered by £2,500 since 2010. During the same time the City bankers’ salaries increased beyond any recognition plus sky high bonuses.  The government used the crash and bail-out as an excuse to cut public service and cap the workers’ wages.  George Osborne announced that the pain had been worth it. What does he know about it? Yes, not for the Elite while the average family have to rely on food banks and can not heat their homes properly.  George Osborne has even the audacity to announce further and bigger cuts if they win the election.  God forbid.  They screwed the public deep enough into the ground while they filled the pockets beyond belief.

Within two years the Tory-led Government and the LibDem which did not exactly vote against many proposals from the Tories; they created 4000 multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires and £19trillion was syphoned off to tax haven.  PM David Cameron held big speeches, from time to time, about getting the tax avoiders but so far nothing. Cameron, of course, will not do anything about it because Goldman Sachs is one of his biggest donors.  Yet, at the same time nurses having to fight for a miserly one per cent pay rise which was agreed but Cameron will not agree to it.

David Cameron also announced and warned that there is another Global crash on the way which, most probably, been orchestrated again by the same bankers and financiers. The last time Cameron used to blame the Labour Party which of course was not their fault but global wide and he must have known that it was his top financier friends who purposely caused it. Now, since he is already aware of it why does he not do anything about it to safeguard Britain?  Surely he can and could stop the tidal wave to swamp over Britain. Now let’s see how he stands on the shores and commands the waves to turn back.

Even the cap of 100 per cent bonus of his salary is not justifiable.  How can a man’s work be worth a £2 or £3million salary from a start and then on top of it another £2 or £3million bonus? Surely no man’s work is worth that much.  Therefore the bonus schemes should be stopped.  A salary of £2 or $3million is more than well paid. Surprising the EU Court of Justice did not stop it altogether. 

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