Sunday, 8 February 2015


In my opinion: How can anybody be so cruel and cold blooded to let cancer patient die without trying to give them all the treatment there is available. Again there is a report in the Daily Mirror about thousands of patient die because treatment is withheld. Especially PM David Cameron who experienced first hand to lose a love one and still talks about it. Yet, he does not care about cancer patients or the NHS in general. Oh now, again he rambles on about promises of putting billions of pounds into the NHS if the Tories win  in the next election. Why did he not do so in the last five years as he promised the last election in 2010? Why would he keep this promise when all the other promises were not kept? 


This is the most inhuman act from this government. To ban NHS patients from the use of the high-tech  GammaKnife machine which can be life or death, is unbelievable. The machine cost £2million and it would not be a surprising if it was even bought with taxpayers’ money. According to records from private patients who are allowed to use it, it is very succ
Hundred of thousands of people were refused because they can not afford the £6,000 cost of the treatment. It is hard to find out how many had died because of it but surely it must be a great number whose lives could have been saved.

Yet, the MPs are allowed to spent £50million a year on travelling and top hotel expenses.  What kind of Government and Prime Minister is this???? Despite of the Prime Minister forbidden it in 2012 to use First Class travel to cut the cost; David Cameron himself and some of his ministers not only travel First Class but hire private planes.  He makes a mockery of his own laws but at the same time makes sure the law is upheld for the general public.

To crown it all, it was revealed, that at the University College Hospital in London the machine lies idle. Officially the hospital should be treating 200 NHS patients a year but it was stopped in 2013 with the most flimsiest excuse to run a review.  GammaKnife machine should be treating patients with the most severe brain tumour.  A brain tumour does progress rather quickly when not treated and therefore most of the patients must have died.  How do PM David Cameron and his cronies feel about having caused unnecessary death which could have been prevented?

The government forgets that the public pays £106billion a year as National Insurance plus £102billion income tax while rich friends pay £46billion corporation tax and the rest goes into tax havens.

One case we know about it was a young, beautiful woman Nadejah Williams of only 23 years of age. She died of colon cancer but was also refused the treatment by the GammaKnife machine. Nadejah Williams must have a paid quite an amount of money of NS over her years of working and when she needed it the small sum of £6,000 for treatment was denied. How do you feel about that Mr Cameron and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt having stood by and let her die? 

Her mother Michelle is a cancer nurse at the University College Hospital, London. It must be unbearable to work as a cancer nurse and seeing your child die at 23 who might have had a chance if treated by the latest high-tech.

All this is well beyond any human comprehension for the government to order the GammaKnife to be only available to private patients causing death of hundreds of thousands of NHS patients and worse still, the machine stands idle.

Daily Mirror

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