Friday, 13 March 2015

CAMERON FINALLY SOLD NHS FOR £780MILLION -- Updated: 11 April, 2015

David Cameron had no right.  NHS was given to the people and paid by the people. Where did that money go to?

In my opinion he was working towards it for the last five years. Now, it has been proven that he wanted to sell out the NHS, or what was left of it, all along. He sold it for £780million to 11 companies.

Cameron had no right to sell or contract anything in the NHS because it was given to the people and paid by them!!!!!!!

UPDATE:  11 April, 2015  --  How can David Cameron stand there pretending to care for the NHS after he almost destroyed it and still destroying it? After a continuous cutting down, sacking thousands of doctors and nurses, he now promised to invest £8billion.  It is nothing but a repeat of the 2010 election promises but the last five years shows the real fact and his real face.

UPDATED:  21 March, 2015 --  Staffordshire Hospital is now put up for SALE for £1.2billion. Cameron really makes sure everything is gone before the General Election on 7 May, 2015. Hopefully voters remember this time what the Tories done to this country and its people.

Unless there was a fiddle, how could they come into government again after what Margaret Thatcher had done the last time?

There never was so much falsehood in any government. It even superseded Margaret Thatcher.  The endless promises right back from the start of the election campaign in 2010 were nothing but lies.
His tactic began straight away after his election.  He creamed off times and again tens of millions of pounds which eventually left the NHS financially hard-up. Then he gave contracts after contracts to companies which either entered false data to achieve the target or they were so short staffed and unqualified, they could not cope with the workload. However, Cameron, in spite of the many complains, carried on regardless.
How can a “man” be so callous and even promise, only a very few weeks ago, not to reduce the National Health Service any more but to inject £2billion into it, knowing very well his plans.

His record stands for bringing the people down to starvation:

Introduced the Spare Bedroom Tax, but not the mansion tax, which made a great many people homeless because they could not pay it;

Cutting benefits left right and centre, even disabled people;

Closing factories purely created for disabled people to find work, by the Labour government;

Department of Work and Pensions’ reform cost the taxpayers £780million and it is still not working but Ian Duncan Smith paid himself and the staff £44million bonuses;

Sold the Royal Mai; which was a 500 year old institution so quickly the MPs could not even voted against it and was sold well under the price;

His cronies profited but the taxpayers lost out on millions of pounds;

In spite of the austerity introduced by the Tories, the Tories increased the National Debts by £500billion;

There are many, many more but now he done the worst he could have done, he sold the NHS to 11 companies.  Was it already done when Cameron left in the middle of the Peace Meeting in Northern Ireland and dashed off to Brussels to meet chief executives from Health Companies? He had a meeting there behind closed doors, which tells everything.

They are only a few of the Tories' 71 top people involved with health companies. 

The sell-out of the NHS was the worst Cameron and his disciples could have done to the British people.  The end effect of selling off NHS is that the private insurance companies can sky rocket their fees and the shareholders, guess who, will get high dividends.
They call the Thatcherite Tony Blair a “human cash machine” but all these wheeling and dealing during Cameron’s “reign” must be going beyond.  At the end of the day, if he retires now, Cameron will get £435,000 a year pension for selling out not only the NHS but his people and country.  Then comes Boris Johnson in, in my opinion none the better, and he will get a £435,000 pension for further ruination of the people and country.

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