Monday, 20 April 2015


The biggest insult to the dedicated nurses and doctors whose one percent pay rise was refused again.  Is it wonder NHS is in a financial crisis and 50 bosses earning over £500,000?

Will their salaries be cut in the austerity plan of the Tories?!!

:UPDATE:  4 JUNE, 2015 --- Simon Stevens, chief executive of the NHS, will cut down on employing agency staff which cost the NHS £3,3billion over the last three years which should have been done in the first year. 

One question remains. Will he cut down on these high earners who obviously live a life of luxury on salaries of £500,000? The axe should fall there in the first place

Daily Mail Deputy Investigation Editor Paul Butley discovers nearly 50 hospital bosses were on a salary of over £500,000. This is now the biggest scandal this present government managed.  There is no excuse of not knowing because if the Daily Mail can find out then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt should be aware of it. If he is not than what is he doing there?

Med Director of North Cumbria University Hospital Mike Walker is on the top of the list with £1million in 2013. Most probably even more by now.


Tricia Hart, CEO of South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation received a £35,000cccm pay rise


Lorraine Lambert, CEO of South Tyne side NHS Trust, withdrew from the NHS pension scheme when her huge pension pot reached the tax free lifetime allowance limit, which was then £1.5million.

They discovered that bosses are receiving £210million a year despite financial crisis.

When the scandal broke all three parties called for an inquiry which seems to pop up at every corner costing taxpayers millions of pounds and so far every one of them proved useless. The ministers and Prime Minister should have done their job in the first place and it would have avoided many inquiries.  It would have saved a lot of money in salaries and inquiries.  That is where austerity starts.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has failed in his job.  Does the Government really make us belief he did not know and if so what was he doing all this time? Is it not his job to find out why the NHS is in such a bad state?  All this time it was the immigrants having treatment on the NHS and disappear or the old people blocking the beds which costing thousands of pounds.    Now we know the real reason and according to the pictures not one of them have lines of stress and live a life of luxury.

A document was leaked that the Tories would axe another 2,000 nurses if they win. Nurses are already working extra hours, unpaid, if there is a shortage and they had their 1 percent pay rise refused by Cameron.

Well, they won again and Jeremy Hunt is again the Health Secretary. How could any one vote for them again after their terrible track record? Now there will be more privatisation of the NHS and more cut backs and those bosses will receive a huge pay rise.
There is no word to describe this scandal and surely the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Prime Minister David Cameron knew it. 

Remember the Staffordshire Hospitals where 1,500 patience died of neglect and the CEO demanded to stay on for another year to reach his £2million pay out. David Cameron agreed to it.  Therefore, he must have been aware of other CEO and their sky high salaries. He, too, should have looked into the NHS finances since it was the number one worry of the people.
After five years in office he shows a very sad result. As the saying goes “Action speaks louder than words”.

Now with the General Election coming up he “promised” to invest £8million without justifying where it supposed to come from. He must see the electoral as complete fools.  Voters had too many unfulfilled promised and must have gone wise by now.

According to DR Rose Altmann, country’s foremost pension expert, NHS bosses are able to sign off their own pay rises and take advantage of loopholes in the exceptionally generous NHS pension scheme.

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