Monday, 18 May 2015


Councils treat people without care what will happen to them. In the olden days they were given three choices of accommodations now only one. Take it or get out of here is the attitude but it all comes from the top.

100 council estates are planned to be demolished. Is it social cleansing?

It happened to Juliet Aziz and her neighbours because a developer got permission to raise the 140 houses to the ground and build new private ones.

This is the situation today in Britain. The demand for council houses and homes has reached an epidemic state. And there are perfectly 140 council houses, not built so long ago, will be making room for private development.

If that is not a crime at a time of desperate need, what is?

This terrible dead happens at Barnet and Juliet a single mother with four children had to move out. Ever since the family is in temporary accommodation in Potters Bar, Herts which is six miles away.

According to The Independent newspaper 50,000 people were made homeless and had been made to move out of London in the last three year. 2,000 people had to leave London altogether. The reason was the benefit cap and stagnant wages which prevented to pay high council rents. It hit many families and mostly mother with children. Furthermore, due to the cut backs on Council budget the council cannot offer any subsidiaries.

The private developer Annington Homes which will develop the Sweets W\t estate in Barnet.

Juliet’s children are still in the old school and she works at the DIY store which was five minutes walk. Now she has to make a round trip with cost her £240 per month n £208 per month to keep her furniture in store. It takes half of her wage of £13,000 per year.

She had an offer of a house but she refused because it was too far away. Now she is classed as “indentially homeless”.  Now when her emergency accommodation runs out, she fears her children could even be taken into care. She said: “I am so scared they are taking my kids. They have already sent the details to the social service.”

One offer of a house whether it is suitable or not and take or leave it. If it does not suit you  out you go. As before they gave three offers. 

It is the government how they treat people now; right from the top down to the council which gets the order or result of the cutbacks. There was no need to sell these houses to a private developer to be pulled down unless somebody profited by it.

Barnet Council said that they can not comment on individual cases. It is always a good diplomatic answer besides it was not just Juliet and her family but the whole estate.

At the same time the council confirmed that those who did not take up the offer will be excluded from the register for two years. What does the council think or the government which putout this law, people do in the meantime? This is a disgrace to treat people with children like that.

According to the BBC report all London councils offer incentives for tenants to leave London.
Wandsworth offers up to £7,000 to move to Birmingham where to rents are cheaper.

It might very convenient and helpful to the council to keep the cost down but it causes nothing hardship to the families. Fist of all, it is known that there are fewer jobs than in London and the benefit will be less and so on.

It shows again and proves it how little the Tories care about people but in the long run it will backfire one day. The more they cut benefit and other services down it will show in the economy.

When people have no money they can not buy food and things. There already over 1,000 food banks across the country it will increase rapidly due to all the cutbacks the Tories will apply.

Already the FTSE, in the last few days, was showing loses every day. 

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