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Update 28 Oct., 2019 - About 3 years have gone but has anything changed? Tories are still in power and since July 2019 Boris Johnson is the new PM chosen by his own party. Whether any sex abuse is still going, or not, is not reported by Tory's Controlled Press.

UPDATE: It is amazing but not surprising that it is now known Lord Janner allegedly abused 12 victims and has a 26 years record. It is another cover-up. Every time a politician dies we get to know their track record. Well done Theresa May.

UPDATED:  25 August, 2015 --  Lord Janner has now been alleged of child abuse and is in court which was cancelled because of ill health. He is a Labour MP but he is the only one from 76 politicians the police alleged. If he can be named what about the other 75 politicians? Why can't they be named? Why have to wait till 2030 for the rest of them? It is still a cover-up and the chance is that they might have died by then.

In my opinion there is still a cover-up in Westminster. Theresa May has all the power to speed it up and even more so David Cameron. 
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It had been revealed about 1,433 public well known figures, 216 are now dead, were investigated over the historical child sex abuse allegations. They include:

76 politicians but will they be prosecuted if found guilty or will it again be swept under the carpet? There had been for a long time hints of a Westminster paedophile ring but  at the same time a number of other entertainer and ordinary people had been prosecuted in no time the politicians were covered up. 

During Margaret Thatcher’s time a big report was handed in to Leone Brittan, Home Secretary,  but it has vanished and although David Cameron “promised “ to search for it, so far it had not re-appeared. MP Cyril Smith’s deed were well known in those circles but when the police arrested him they were told, from high above, to let him go without charge. Jimmy Saville committed the most number of child abuse, although it was well known, it was only published after his death and so was Cyril Smith’s crime made public.

The revelation of 76 politicians being investigated is good news but unless the guilty ones will be in court and sentence it is not good enough for the public and especially for the victims.

135 TV, radio or film stars, 43 musicians and 7 athletes were also suspected of child sex abuse. 

Chief Constable Simon Bailey who is in charge, said the number of victims could run into hundred of thousands.  It is no surprise because this crime had been covered for far too long.  The paedophiles had been protected by top politicians and in the case of stars by various managements. The police was powerless and had to pretend to the victims they do not believe them.

So far the police had 116,000 reports last year and expect an avalanche this year. It implicates 154 schools, 75 children’s homes, 11 community groups, nine prisons or young offender institution, nine sports venues and 28 other places, such as military bases.

NSPCC boss Peter Wanless said: “These astonishing figures starkly underline how child sexual abuse has infiltrated every level of society, from politics to sport and showbusiness. Hundreds of institutions, including schools, children’s homes, hospitals and religious buildings have been the scenes of appalling crimes
“In the past it was far too easy for those in positions of power and authority to use their influence to silence victims. But those they preyed upon know now there is better chance they will be believed.”

One remark is not quite acceptable. The reference to Tony Blair’s Government. Admittedly he could also have lifted the lid but so could have even earlier Margaret Thatcher. As already mention Leon Brittan was handed a memorandum of the allegedly child sex abuses and he did not act on it, on the contrary, apparently it got lost. To lose such important files which also include boys being abused from care homes at luxurious flats in Dolphin Square, is not easily acceptable and to understand how this can happened.

Furthermore, it came to notice of the press two years ago and ever since the Home Secretary Theresa May seems to be dragging out the investigation by chairing twice people which she must have known were unacceptable. During the same time or even less entertainer Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, a whole gang of nine so-called taxi-drivers and others were investigated, found guilty and imprisoned, but not one politician.

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