Friday, 29 May 2015


UPDATE: 6 June, 2016 -- Blatter and two of his top officials are accused of receiving £55million. The head office in Geneva had been raided by the police.

UPDATE: 13 September, 2015 -- Blatter swears that there is no corruption in FIFA nor is he corrupt.

UPDATE: 24 June, 2015 -- Blatter is expected to be in Moscow with all the FIFA officials for the World Cup qualifying draw. Russia cut the budget by £340million. The US demands extradition of the arrested FIFA Officials in Switzerland.

LATEST NEWS: 5 June, 2015 -- Blatter is now busily writing a reform of FIFA even so he is not the president any more. Is he trying to save his neck?

UPDATED: 4 June, 2015 - Jack Warner, ex FIFA Vice President, stated, at a TV interview, that he will reveal all he knows, despite threat to his life. He can name FIFA officials at the general election in 2010 in his home country Trinidad and Tobago. SA already admitted that they bribed to win the World Cup to be played there. The longer is takes the more it comes down like house of cards and will eventually engulf Blatter one way or the other.

There are 14 FIFA officials under allegation of corruption and four have been charged already. As usually they will all start spilling the beans

UPDATED:  Blatter is now under investigation and the US officials hoping that they will get more information from the already arrested ex-FIFA officials to build a case against Blatter.

Sepp Blatter is to resign admits the bribery and corruption scandal. After 17 years and being re-elected for the fifth time he finally resisted all the pressure and resigned.

AVAAZ is now contacting the sponsors to pull out in case Blatter is re-elected. Blatter was re-elected again. Is there another fiddle?

UPDATED: 1 June,2014 --   Sepp Blatter won again and he claims he is all innocent and was not involvedin bribery and corruption. He did not know anything about it.  Mr Blatter claims that it all a smear fron the USA and Britain because they did not win.

UPDATED: 29 May, 2015 - Sepp Blatter as a last attempt to safe his win to be the president again for the fifth promised that he would cut out all bribery and corruption. This man is amazing. After decades of bribery and corruption in the FIFA Blatter emerged as the saviour. It was an open secret and no way Blatter could not have known. At the moment the voting is going on for the next president of FIFA.  Let's hope he'll lose and football will return to the game we all love.

Billions of football fans are delighted that their game is being cleared of corruption.
11 out of 14 people had been accused of corruption but Sepp Blatter. FIFA had been accused of making £150million out of the last World Cup in Brazil.

UEFA, the European body of the FIFA is still deciding whether to boycott the coming vote on Friday for the next president

Sponsors like VISA, Coca Cola and Adidas reassess their sponsorship after the scandal was discovered.
At dawn, Swiss police arrested seven FIFA officials on the authorities of the US.  A mass investigation discovered corruption at Football governing body.

“Too many countries are cowered by FIFA”, said Alexandra Wrage, a former FIFA anti-bribery advisor when resigned under protest from the organisation.  She added further: “As was international bribery more generally, the US Dept of Justice said that they’ll step up to investigate corruption if others won’t.”
FBI Director James Corney explained why the US was able to act.

“If you touch our shores with your corruption enterprise, when there   is through meeting of using our world class finance system, you will be held accountable for the corruption.”

To prosecute cases that involve foreign nationals, US authorities need only prove a minor connection to the US. The charges are referred to “the systematic payment of bribes and kickbacks” they were paid by marketing executives who want to increase their chances at winning contracts for the rights to markets and sell media accounts to tournaments.

The spark which set off US involvement when on Wednesday new confirmed the acting US Attorney for the East District of New York Kelly Currie noted the scale of allegations.

He said: “This sort of bribery and corruption in international soccer has been going on for two decades.”  It is not clear what specific event – if any – prompted the US investigation.

Andrew Zimbakist, author of Circus Maximus, stated: “I know some people who were in the US bidding committee…. They all had really strongly suspected that somebody was getting bought off. The Economic Gambel behind hosting the Olympics and World Cup. He told the BBC that he suspects the justice dept probably got involved following the failed bid.

The choice of Qatar raised many eyebrows because of the extreme high temperature in the summer. FIFA task force recommended playing in November and December.

Swiss authorities start now a separate investigation relating to the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournament.

The Miami office of Concacaf the football federation under FIFA that governs the game in North and Central America and the Caribbean was raided by FBI agents early on Wednesday.

AVAAZ started in the last 24 hours a competition to stop Sepp Blatter, today, to be elected for the fifth time as FIFA president. Hundred of thousands of people signed. It seems that Sepp Blatter so far was not accused of bribery and corruption.  It is a bit surprising that he was not aware of since during the last decades, when he was president, the bribery and corruption at FIFA was blossoming.

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