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These two pictures were not shown in the press or on BBC because the press is gagged by the Tories. The demonstration was never mentioned and it was a massive demo as youk can see from the pictures

The demonstration was not against Israel having its own land but against Israel treating Palestinians appallingly for decades and the USA and West does not stop them.

According to maps Palestine is almost wiped out.

Updated 6 Nov., 2017 --
Israel's Prime Minister was invited for the 100th anniversary of Balfour who first laid down laws for Israel given part of Palestine's land. There was a great demonstration, objecting to his visit, a great number of Jewish People were there which needs to be acknowledged and admired. 

Amnesty International reported Israel’s soldiers arrest and detain children in the occupied West Bank.

From a start how is Israel allowed to occupy the West Bank?

Palestine has lost almost all its land to Israel and no country stands up for them, especially the USA.

Amnesty International paints a grim picture of Israel’s soldiers after 7,000 children have been detained so far since 2003 and also ill-treated. Where do they get the power from to do this?  Their main support is the USA and bound to be aware of this crime.

There are dozens, and dozens, of shocking pictures like these on the Internet

If it were any children from the USA all hell would break lose, especially white children.

Palestinian people are being ill treated and driven off their land since Israel was given their “promise land” which was at the beginning only a small strip in 1945. Now they almost occupy the whole Palestine.

They bombed the Gaza strip for 50 days killing over 2,000 people, destroying 19,000 homes, claiming three Israelis were killed by Palestinian and not one objection was raised, especially from the USA. Few days after the seize fire Israel took away a huge piece of land from the West Bank and again no objection has been raised by the USA. 

Then they went into the West Bank shot three Palestinian men without interrogation and courts, claiming they were the murderers of their three Israelis being killed. There again if they knew it why did they bomb the Gaza Strip?

Rumours circulated that Moffat, Israel’s secret agency, supposed to have done it. The bodies of the three Israelis were never given to be examined by international agencies.

Why is Israel allowed to do anything and everything? From the moment they got their “promised land” they never stopped attacking neighbouring countries and got more land.

Especially after the Holocaust they should know what it feels like to be dominated and ill-treated to the point of being killed.  Israel should be the most peaceful loving country in the world.

Israel claims that God promised them that land. Is it really true or is it a myth? Nobody will ever know but it made a good reason for part of the Palestinian land being given to Israelis. Archaeologists claim that there is no evidence of Israelis occupying the country previously.

However, this is not about whether God did promise or not. It is about Israel taking on powers and ordered their soldiers to arrest Palestinian children between 12 midnight and 5 am. They blindfold them and tie their hands behind their backs to take them from their families to be interrogated.

The only reason why America does not react to all the wrong doing because America needs an arsenal depot in the Middle East but that should not be a free licence for the Israelis to be able to do anything and everything to Palestinian people.

Lately, it seems the USA is lessening their friendship with Israel and trying to strengthening the contact with Iran. Iran is deadly against Israel. Will it bring Israel from their high and mightiness to ground level?

Amnesty International’s “Trigger Happy” report reveals 1,500 Palestinian children were injured by Israeli soldiers between January 2011 and December 2013. This is unacceptable. Why do they do the same what the Nazi did to the Jewish People?

Very seldom a Member of Congress demands from Israel justification for Human Rights’ violation.

US Representative Betty McCollum has written a letter to Secretary Kerry asking the US to make the Human Rights of Palestine children a top priority.

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