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Demonstrators march past the Bank of England during an anti-austerity protest in central London

It is already amazing that the Tories asked Labour to back them in getting the bill through Parliament for the £12billion Welfare Cuts; after all their smears and lies they spread about Labour.  

In my opinion it shows the Tories as shameless and callous after all they done to Labour during the last General Election.

Andy Burnham, the shadow health minister, and a favourite in the new leadership election of Labour, refused. He pointed out further that if the Chancellor George Osborne will reduce disability benefit and tax credit he will fight it all the way. He will refuse to agree to cuts which will hurt many vulnerable people.

“If this Chancellor thinks it is acceptable to take benefit off disabled people who can’t replace the income, or if he is coming after the tax or other people on low income in work, then he is going to have fight on his hand,” Burnham told Murnaghan of Sky News.

“It is questionable whether he has a mandate for cuts on that scale because he didn’t spell out before the election where the cuts were going to fall. That was wrong.”

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Previously, Osborne and Cameron only commented on an overall £12 billion Welfare cuts and the details they gave were “reduced benefit cap, freeze most working age benefit for two years and take away housing benefit for under 25s.”

This statement would not cover £12billion Welfare Cuts and therefore there must be a lot more which they hide because they know it would cause an uproar.

Cameron also promised not to touch benefits for the elderly and child benefit but since so many of his promises were broken the real plan of the Tories’£12billion Welfare Cuts has to be seen next months when the full details supposed to be spelled out.

Despite the great attendance of the anti-austerity protest march on Saturday all over the UK cities; Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith, Work and Pension, published an article in the Sunday Times that they will go ahead with £12billion Welfare Cuts as planned. They also urged Labour to work with them alongside.

They said: “Even after the comprehensive rejection of their position by the British people in the last month’s general election, Labour seems determined to go on as before. But even now, appeal to their leadership candidates to engage constructively with us and support the further saving we must make to make welfare fairer and more affordable while protecting pensioners and vulnerable.”

Wonderful words and so concerning as the Tories always find them to trumpet them out to impress the public. But tell that to the over 1,000 suicides and their families because they lost their disability benefit or homes because of the Bedroom Tax or because ATOS forced them to find a job, despite being disabled or have a fatal illnesses, when there is already high unemployment.

Instead to cancel these extra investigation by Atos, contract £1million, when their lost the contract and ended up with a backlog of 700,000 cases where disability benefit was cut and people receive no money, the government should have cancel it. Now they employ an American firm MAXIMUS which had been in court already in the US for fraud and ill-treatment of disabled people.

Instead of cutting £12billion further in Welfare the government should look into their own back yard.

Reduce the House of Lords form 840 each can charge a £300 when attending and expenditure if they sitting late.  They also refuse to join with the catering of the House of Commons which might not be so extravagant but does not serve beans of toast with cups tea only.

MoD wasted £6million on earplugs which are useless.  £50million of faulty or useless equipment or bought in errors

Whitehall wasted £5billion in a year for errors, unused equipment and compensation.
William Hague uses £2,000 a day taxpayers’ money to have a luxurious apartment in London.

Tory MP Eric Pickles spend approximately £50,000 on trip to China, private plane, exclusive Hotels; despite PM forbidden to travel by First Class.

Osborne, himself the great saver, spent £43,000 on Lawyers to stop to cap bank bonuses, while people are starving. The cap of bonuses is 100 per cent of their salaries but at the moment can be over 200 per cent.

MPs employ relatives and add further to their already high salaries and expenditures. It amounts to a bill increased by 50 per cent in the last four years and it is now £3.8million. In 2010 it was £2.4million when Labour was in power.

DWP cuts benefits but pays a £44million bonuses. A new computer system which supposed to do the reform automatically costing £500million but has never worked.

£19 trillion was siphoned off from the Treasury and sent to a Tax haven, according to newspapers.  The total is now £39trillion which is known.

Luxurious travels made by MPs in the last four years cost £50million.

Ministry of Justice cost £29million in the last five years on taxis, First Class train and flights

Westminster Officials spent £518,635 of tax payers' money on procurement cards and has increase by £80,000 from the year before. Altogether it is £1.8million during the last five years.

This bound to be only a part of the wasted taxpayers’ money and Chancellor George Osborne could save billions if he would bother to look into it. The Prime Minister alone claims £20,000 per month for mortgage even though he has a fortune of underestimated £30million.

Last year the MPs had a 10 per cent salary increase and will have this year too despite austerity.

Austerity is nothing but a con and only applies to the general public but the Chancellor should cut the above mentioned waste of taxpayers' money.

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