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Update: 1 April,2017 -
Today the £12bn comes into affect; sanctioned by PM May. At the same time she gave PMs a 12 percent pay rise.

This £12bn Welfare cut comes now on top of already starving, homeless poor and disabled people.

Has PM May any conscience at all?

UPDATE: 7 Dec.,  2015 

After the House of Lords rejected the first bill of £12billion Welfare cuts the Chancellor George Osborne  will now put it through as a 'reform'  and calls it 'Global Credit'. 

thing short of another dirty trick to run the poor and vulnerable still further into the ground.

UPDATE: 29 Oct., 2015 --

It is a disgrace for the Tories still insisting to modernise the Tridents for a cost of £167billion and eventually reaching £200billion. The first estimated cost was £95billion.A weapon which will never be used. 

Yet they are determined to cut £12billion on Welfare.
The new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is totally against the Trident project.



UPDATE:  21 July, 2015  --
It is a disgrace for Labour  and especially for Harriet Harman, stand-in leader, to agree with the budget.  SNP also criticised their decision. 

Labour supposed to be an opposition and they agree with a budget like that which will be nothing but devastating  for the general public. A public which is already relying on food banks  People who have committed suicide because they could not see how to go on any more and Harriet Harman supported a further welfare cut of £12billion? She should join the Tories.  She should be ashamed of herself advising her MPs to abstain.  She should have advised them to vote against it. 

At the same time the MPs getting a 10 per cent salaries rise.  !!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: 8 July, 2015 --

Chancellor George Osborn announce that he will stretch his £12billion Welfare cuts over three years instead of two years. 

It will give the people more breathing space, no doubt. but the impact is just the same. 

Stop kidding yourself and especially the public!!!!!

David Cameron supports the £12billion Welfare Cuts and admits that his MPs have found the amounts where the axe should fall.

The PM means to ‘lower welfare society’ and it is expected there will be a drastic cut across the whole welfare including tax credit for the lower paid.

Being just days after the anti-austerity march in London and other cities it looks a counter attack.

In two weeks time Chancellor George Osborne unveil the cuts in his emergency budget. Hopefully he tells the truth and all of it.

As usually the PM contemning Labour for the cost of Welfare. It is getting a bit worn out and boring after five years in office with promising austerity will bring the National debts down but the fact remains it increased by £500billion.

David Cameron does not mention that nor will he explain how it occurred. plus being graded down from seventh to sixth place.

When Gordon Brown had to face one of the biggest “credit crunch”; created by David Cameron’s friends – the Top financiers.  Yet Gordon Brown managed to come back from minus 2.5 GDB to a plus 0.5 within a year and by 2010 had a plus 1 per cent which the Tories managed to wipe it all out within three months. They never achieved the plus 1 per cent GDB.

Without a “credit crunch” the Tories managed two recessions and a downgrading but David Cameron will ignore their failure and harp on about Labour creating all the debts and huge welfare. 

Have his 95 highly paid advisers nothing else to bring to the table?  It is pathetic.

David Cameron gave a long speech in the North of England and amongst a lot of good sounding and public catching words but meaning very little if you see later the result of his actions.

He said: “We need to move from low wages, high tax and high welfare society to a high wages, low tax and low welfare society.”  As mentioned before it sounds good but the result will be a low welfare society and nothing else because his friends the manufacturing executives and owners will not paid high wages.

His words were there to make the ‘low welfare society’ more acceptable, he hopes.  The reality will be further hardship, starvation, old people dying of hypothermia and the super rich will be getting even richer, if David Cameron and the Tories are not being stopped.

The result of his always glorious sounding speeches are nothing but make belief  he even convinces himself, and trying to catch the public like he done the last five years and on the General Election with his lies and smears about Labour.

Austerity is nothing but a con. They got the UK deeper into debts with £500billion.

Tories ‘low welfare society’ for getting high wages and low tax is nothing but another con.

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