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TORIES FIRST 50 DAYS 50 TERRIBLE DEEDS 2015 - Update: 26 April, 2017

Update 26 April, 2017 -That was the situation in 2015 but nothing has changed for the better as a matter of fact it is getting now worst when the impact of £12billion Welfare cuts and £16billion of Council cuts come into effect. PM May, took over from Cameron, has sanction it which comes on top of already hard up working people and she is campaigning for Tories to win again. Where do these people get the thick nerve from? 

UPDATE:  7 July, 2015  --
According to a report in the newspaper The Guardian a big demonstration has been organised outside the Parliament, tomorrow. It will also co-inside with several other strikes on the tube, Barnet Council and so on. They demonstrating against the Welfare cuts which will be announced tomorrow. 

It seems that people had enough of all the lies of austerity to balance the books while the rich double and trebled their wealth. As indicated below the Tories had already cut a number of services and now the biggest watershed is still to come.

People can not and will not take it any more. 

The Tories were only in office for 50 days but the Daily Mirror could already make a list of 50 deeds which only hurt the most vulnerable people. Well done David Cameron and his disciples.

Yet, the main impact of the £12billions Welfare cuts is still to come on Wednesday, 8 July, 2015, in an ‘emergency budget’ which is another cover to get their dirty deeds through quickly enough before they start their summer holiday the next day. When the Parliament return , at the beginning of September, the Labour Party will choose their leader which adds power to the  opposition. Therefore, the urgency of the so called ‘emergency budget’.
At the coming budget they show their full inhuman, harsh cuts in their austerity measures.

This is only an extract of the full list the Daily Mirror has put together, which is 50 deeds altogether.

-         They already plan to cancel to show the NHS waiting list and staff  level targets which shows the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt up. They will also cut the budget of the NHS again.  Jeremy Hunt ‘s salary is £134,565 and rakes in another £972,538 from his educational company Hotcourses, all in one year and all his expenses paid.

-         David Cameron in his election promised that the £12billion Welfare cut would not hit disable payment. Now he was asked in the House of Common; he would not repeat his promise and dogged the question. Another broken promise barely 50 days beck as PM

-         David Cameron promised working families a 30 hours of free child care. At least he admitted, for a change, that it was not possible, but he must have known before and there goes another promise.

-         The Human Rights Act to be abolished and replaced by British Bill or Rights

-         Doctor and Nurses are understaffed 1,800 times and at just one NHS board. The Betsy Cadwal advised the Health Board.  It runs three district hospitals and 22 small hospitals in North Wales.

-         Legal Aids will face another cut by 8.7 per cent.

-         Theresa May, Home Secretary, issued a 48 page Bill for a crackdown of legal highs.  In other words “guilty until proven innocent”.  No mentioning of Advisory Council of the Misuse of Drugs which is an expert body.

-         David Cameron hinted to cut tax credits which add to the low wages.  The PM fails again the working class who he was trumpeting about in his election.  Another broken promise.

His election campaign was nothing but absolute dishonest and just to catch voters.

-         Another great promise about the 7-days  NHS does not add up. A statement comes from British Medical Association, chief executive, Dr Mark Porter. There is a full report on my Website.

-         Newly installed at No 10 Downing Street, emails are self destructive after three months. PM office is trying to avoid scrutiny from Freedom of Information to hold the leaders accountable.

-         Benefit official nearly doubled the amount of sanctions of people claiming Employment and Supplementary allowances.

-         An award winning policeman Damian O’Reily quit because he could not take anymore of the cuts of the police force.

-         The Government sold 150million Royal Mail shares to the City fatcats and none to the general public.

-         Now comes the best bit and the most stupid politic invented by the Tories.  Because of the Bedroom Tax it cost the councils £80million in less than a year.  They have to hand out emergency funds to the people who are at the verge of losing their homes.

-         Chancellor George Osborne hardly could control his grin when the Queen spoke about Northern Powerhouse.  Two weeks later the plan was cancelled and people found out they were used again by the Tories, this time for votes.

-         A 200,000 strong campaign was launched to find out how many people died after declared fit for work and they lost their benefit and no money to live on.  Ian Duncan Smith, head of Dept of Works and Pension, said that it is a “disgraceful” campaign. So far he has not named any number.

-         The choice between eating and heating your home is a nightmare for poverty stricken people. There are now fuel banks opening as well as food banks. People who are entitled to it will receive a £49 voucher.

All this the Government inflicts on a country which is the sixth richest country in the world.

It is a disgrace.

-         The benefit cap was already reduced from £26,000 to £23,000 in London and to £20,000 in the rest of the UK which will hurt most large families and with rents rising dramatically it will hit them badly.

-         Plans already on the table to reduce Carer Allowances and people will lose 40per cent. It will save $1billion as part of the £12billion of the Welfare budget but it will be a devastating blow to the carer who is dedicated to a very hard job.

-         They also axe 30,000 nurses because they were not born in the UK.

-         They also cancelled the Independent Living Allowance. It will hit 18,0 people which most disabled.  It is only 18,000 people which this Government will not make their live a bit bearable and it only cost £320million.

-         They turning them over to the councils but the councils’ budget are being cut again which will follow next with £16billion.  How will these severely disabled people receive the money they need to live independently? Not to forget that the carer also will be hit by cuts.

This is the worst dirty trick David Cameron and George Osborne could have handed out. They have no moral, no respect or no care towards these people.


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