Wednesday, 8 July 2015


First of all, his opening speech left already a lot of question. Chancellor George Osborne stated that the economy improved substantially and will improve even more.

The economic table in March showed a 0.3 per cent which was down from the forecast of 0.6 per cent and just about avoided a recession.

Furthermore, during the last three month the FTSE shows almost every day a minus and the value of shares have dropped by over £1,300.

Another statement he made was: “We are in this together.”  It was said the last time in 2010 and the result was an introduction of austerity in 2012 which brought the general public into starvation, relying on food banks and with Bedroom Tax people lost their homes. Some live in one room rented accommodation with their family or on the street.

At the same time of austerity the rich got super rich and even The Telegraph which combines the list was shocked.  There are now over 4,000 multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires in the UK and the highest number in the world according to the Telegraph.  
All created in the last three years.

That sentence: ”We are all in this together” was a lie in 2010 and it is a lie today. The gap between rich and poor was never so wide since the Victorian ages. To achieve that within three years; is it something to be proud of?

The austerity to balance the books was nothing but a con beside they added £500billion to the National debts.  Now again, they spoke of balancing the books and quite proudly to finish the job they started. Will there be more debts?

Newspaper The Guardian revealed that £93billion a year is given to businesses in huge subsidies and tax breaks. This fact is never mentioned in any Tory budget.

According to the Guardian it means £3,000 a year every household will lose out on.
Many companies received the largest public grants during the last five years of the Tory-led Coalition.  The same companies pay very little or no tax.

Yet, Chancellor George Osborne and Prime Minister are determined to cut the Welfare again and this time by a massive £12billion. Above all they announced joyfully, last Friday, they found the whole sum to be cut.

The Guardian analysis found that the companies received a £14,5billion in direct subsidies and grants which is more than the Welfare cuts of £12billion.

Although The Guardian is determined to find out where the real trouble lies they had to admit it is hard to trace because the money is channelled through many arms.

It also had been revealed that the incentives included the low corporation tax rate is the lowest anywhere in the G7, tax exemption for research and government support.
It also shows, while companies constantly increase to receive handout from the government their corporation tax is falling at the time.

During the financial year 2012-13 they received £58.2billion of subsidies grants and corporation tax benefits and during the same year they paid £41,3billion corporation tax.

The Prime Minister was talking about the merry-go-round where workers paid tax and then receive benefits because their income is too low. He planned to stop it and demand the companies to pay a higher wages.  Most probably the companies will then receive more incentives.

This budget was all for the rich and cutting even deeper into the poverty and disable people/

The fanfare was about the £9 per hour living wage but it will not be implemented fully till 2020.  I was nothing but put on a false show because people are desperate now to receive a proper wage to live on. Furthermore, by 2020 the cost of living will have risen as well, therefore it will not benefit.

It was noted that Ian Duncan Smith, head of the Department of Work and pensions, cheered and hopped about every time another cut in the Welfare was announced. The man is most disgraceful.

He handed £44millioom bonuses out last year even so he can not get his IT system going for the reform of the Universal credit. He also stopped any benefit he could find. It is estimated that over 1,000 people committed suicide or died of hunger because their benefit was stopped and there he was cheering and jumping at every announcement of a benefit cut.

He also forgot that he was up for fraud in 2006 when he claimed taxes and expenditure for his Wife’s company. The company did not exist. He got away because the MPs’ expenditure scandal broke lose and he somehow slipped through the net.

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