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MIGRANTS AT EUROTUNNEL -- Update: 25 August, 2015

UPDATED:  25 August, 2015 --

According to the newspapers David Cameron has still not a concrete plan to stop the migrants coming to UK.  At the moment there are three times as many migrants enter the UK than planned for.  It is the same scenario when the EU forecast that they open the border to Bulgaria, Romania and more.  Cameron did nothing  and instead of promised 100,000 there were 250,000. He still kept promising to slow the migrants down ever since.  That is all Cameron does, promising, promising, promising and never keeps one of them. 

The contracted Border Agency was hopeless and cost a fortune of taxpayers' money. After years the contract was cancelled and brought back under Theresa May's power as border force but has not improved one bit. Instead of laying into her border force and improving it Teresa May if travelling rough Europe persuading them to back UK's reform of the EU. It is another wasteof taxpayers' money because Cameron tried it and failed.

UPDATE:  2 August, 2015 --
As always Cameron does too little too late. To put put up another fence when there are already four fences and the migrants breaking through them does make sense. 

The only effective measure would be to close the borders. Italy done it on the French site. These migrants are not desperate. They look well fed and well clothed. They also have these great amount of money for the people trafficker which would even for us very hard to get together.  What is really behind all this? They are all young men and very violent. There is more behind than meets the eye. They are too determined.

Since school holidays have started and there is an increased demand on passenger service the migrants have also increase.

Operation Stack is working in Kent to deal with cross-Channel disruption.

Kent’s police and crime commissioner, Anne Barnes, now requested national funding to support Stack when French-bound lorry park on a closed section of the M20 awaiting crossing.  Mrs Barns is of the opinion that the cost should not be Kent’s taxpayers since it is a national and continuous problem.

The motorway is currently closed to all but freight traffic between the junction eight and 11.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) stated that Stack had to deal with the problem several times during the summer due to the French ferry workers strikes and migrants disruption to Eurotunnel service.

So far it cost the haulage industry over £14 millions during the last three months.   It bound to reflect in consumer pricing.

FTA demands a “strike free zone” in Calais.

Ashford MP Damian Green plans to establish a counterflow on the north bound M20 to keep the traffic moving. He also demands that the French Government do more to solve the problem

Hundreds of migrants move into the Eutotunnel terminals in France. Passenger and freight service are delayed.

The company Eurotunnel stated they have to call the police each night to remove the migrant at Coquelles base.

It seems the number of migrants have increased from about 3,000 to about 5,000 in Calais.

Eurotunnel said that the migrants are well organised and plan to get them into the UK making them throw onto trains travelling with a speed of 90mph

Company director of public affairs, John Keefe, said: “Hundreds of people being removed from around the terminal perimeter, the railway or platform each night.  We’re dealing with people traffickers working together to create diversions and distract security. It’s a well organised, co-ordinate activity.

On Thursday, the body of a teenager was found on a train at the Eurotunnel terminal in Kent.

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