Saturday, 25 July 2015


On Friday Turkish fighter jets attacked ISIS targets in Syria for the first time.

They also rounded up hundreds of suspects in a coordinated crackdown.

The bombing had been a major move by Turkey which was hesitant for a long time to follow the US-led coalition.

According to the acting Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish F-16 warplane were based in Diyaebarik had attacked three IS targets with guided bombs at dawn on Friday.  It also attacked the group headquarter and assembly point.  Nine ISIS fighters were killed and 12 injured.
Turkey is also willing to led US-led coalition to use its Incirlik airbase and other airbase in the south of the country to enable them to fly strikes against ISIS, according to the foreign minister.

This remarkable change of policy followed an attack on a Turkish soldier who was killed and a suicide bombing which killed 12 people in the southern province of Sunic which is as few miles from Syrian border.

It has not been officially announced when the Inairlit would be available to the US but Turkish media predicted it would August when the first allied attack will be flown from the airbase.

Additional airbases in the nearby cities of Diyarbak and Batman will be open to the planes for emergencies.

A report from the Turkish media that a deal was made including a no-fly zone in the northern Syria, which Turkey demanded for a long time, was denied by the US.
This change of Turkish policies could mean an attack on the Syria leader, Bashar al Assad, which the US and the Syria rebels were hoping for.

That leaves us with the question: “Why is the US so bent over backward to replace any leader in the Middle East? It would be far wiser to join the President Assad’s forces and destroy ISIS from that side. It would mean peace and not spreading the crisis which could easily escalate now.

Why has the US always to have their leader and country under the US control?
PM Davutoglu confirmed on Friday that they detained around 300 people with suspected linked ISIS and the Kurdish Worker Party (PKK) was just the beginning of a wider operation. 

A statement was given that the raids were without distinction against all terrorist groups in 13 provinces.

It read: “The state of the Turkish republic is adamant on fighting all terrorists without distinction as it has always done, be it the terrorist organisation of Daesh (ISIS), the terrorist organisation of the PKK or any other international terrorist organisation.”

Late Friday night, unconfirmed by Turkey, the Turkish media reported that warplanes had attacked PKK camps in Northern Iraq.

Those air strikes come as a deadly warning bringing Turkey into the Syria crisis.

Tension rises not only in Turkey but across the world since also PM David Cameron of the UK gave permission, without the MPs consent, to enter the crisis.  It was discovered that RAF pilots flew bombing raids under the US command.  That action of the Prime Minister brought the UK into the conflict of which the people were and the majority of MPs voted against it but as always it will the people who will get the revenge.

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