Saturday, 25 July 2015


A young British Soldier L/CPL Michael Campbell, 32, died, of his wounds received in Afghanistan. May he rest in peace. 

PM David Cameron entered, at the same time,  another conflict by bombing ISIS?  He sent RAF Pilots to the US and led them go on bombing raids under the US command even after the majority of MPs voted in 2013 against it.

The young soldier who died made the 454th UK service personal that lost their lives, may they Rest In Peace.  British soldiers should not die for other causes but should only be there to defend its country.

L/CPL Michael Campbell received all the honour and praise by his commanding officer and comrades which he deserves but at the end of it what a waste of a young life and so the rest of the 453 soldiers.

Afghanistan had nothing to do with the UK yet the UK invaded the country and it cost 454 lives plus untold number of injuries, a great number life changing.  A war which Bush declared and was illegal but Blair had to follow. It is not justifiable that so many people had to die plus untold Afghan civilian.

Again, America supported the Taliban while the Russians were fighting there and the Taliban grew into strength. When the Russian left because they could not win the fight; America turned on the Taliban. At the moment the USA flying drones into Taliban position in Pakistan and again it is illegal because USA is not at war with Pakistan. 

It had been reported that drones are fired irresponsible and civilian get killed or maimed.

America had all the sympathy of the world when the World Centre was destroyed. Why did Bush not build on it? He and Blair started an illegal war in Afghanistan and Iraq which created more enemies than the UK had ever known before. But it is the innocent people who will suffer revenge like the 7/7 and recently Tunisia's shooting.

Also their easy way of life and freedom has gone because of the tight security everywhere.

USA is now getting involved in Syria under the cover of destroying the ISIS. At the same time they supply the “moderate Rebel” with weapon. As if such a thing “moderate rebel” exists. In 2013 the USA supplied the rebels with missiles and the UK with chemical which would enable them to build chemical weapons.

Again the US and UK were supporting the rebels which are nothing but Al Qaeda branching off into IS.  It would be far better if the US and UK would support the Syrian President Bashar al Assad. It would destroy the terrorists and would bring peace.

John Kerry the US Secretary of State asked the Congress for $500billion to supply the “moderate rebels” with weapon. The Congress agreed. America has 50million unemployed who struggle to survive.The same story a in the UK there is always money available for weapons and war.

John Kerry was dishonourable dismissed when he was in the Marines which is the worst thing happened in America. He was in contact with the Vietcon during the Vietnam War.  How on earth did get to be Secretary of State with such a record?

UK has three million unemployed and over one million starving families with 40,000 children living under the poverty line and even introduced now Welfare cuts of £12billlion but spend the money to supporting the “moderate rebels” with weapon. It is pure lunacy.

Apparently peace is not what the US and its allies want. The people want peace but not the leader but the people are in the firing line, one way or another.  

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