Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Why was the £8billion not paid into the NHS?  Another broken promise?

To whom are they telling this? The £30billion shortfall is entirely made by the present Tory Government.

The very reason for this madness is to bring the NHS down to breaking point and then it will be closed or sold and fulfil the wish of Margaret Thatcher who wanted the Welfare State destroyed but her Cabinet stopped her. One of her favourite, Cameron, started it and May is already talking about NHS being part of the USA trade deal. What else she is giving to the USA?

Cost of Trident nuclear refurbishment goes 90 per cent to USA but they turned their backs on Bombardier. Get your brain going, May, USA is nobody's friend but just get out what they can.  

Cameron promised at the election campaign 2015 that he would invest £8billion a year which would add up to £40billion by 2020. But as usual the Prime Minister never keeps his word.  Instead he demands a £22billion saving to balance the books. A fine turn around but not unexpected from the Tories.

Statistics show that during the year 2013-14 the deficit was £115million. The following year the deficit rose to £822million due to hiring nurses, doctors and matrons from agencies after they sacked 5,000.  It is a total chaotic waste of money. 

Previously it was discovered that around 50 chief executives are paid around £500,000 each.  Would the saving start there? Of course not.

Over 200 contracts are employed in the NHS. It is well known that contractors are working with a minimum staff and lowest paid to get the maximum profit. Therefore the quality of work bound to be effected.

During Cameron’s election campaign in 2010 he promised that the NHS will be safe in his hand. When he won the election, soon after, he axed 4,000 senior nurses with a lavish payout of £1,4billion. He also paid £5millions to outside consultants who decided whom to axe. What kind of arithmetic and politics is that?

330 of the 4,000 axed received a payout of more than £200,000.   Most probably they were back the next day hired through agencies.

At the same time Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, blocked a 1 percent pay rise for 600,000 hospital staff across the board.

Health minister Dan Poulter said at the time to axe managers and administration staff which would free-up £5,5billion for patient care.  Why was that not done?  Cameron’s friends would lose their lucrative job.  It is well know that the Tories have a very close network of friends.

PM spokesman said: “Reforms were in the pipeline to help the Government’s battle to claw back redundancy payment from staff that is then rehired.”  How does the PM spokesman make that out? If the rehiring is through an agency it will cost three times as much.

It is an open secret that a doctor cost £5,000 a day and nurses cost £1,400 a day if hired from a private agency.   One of the private agencies is Maximus.

It was reported that £5,5billion was paid to private agencies. What a ‘saving’ plus £1,4billion redundancy pay; plus £5million to outside consultants.

8,180 overseas nurses were recruited.

Where is the pledge from Cameron to reduced immigration?

Cameron promised £8billion a year to the NHS during his election campaign in 2015 but when he was elected it dwindle down to £8billion over the five years.

The voters are used to some of the pledges are not kept but the Prime Minister does not seem to keep any or hardly any of them. At the same time he still keeps promising.

The NHS is cut to the bones and now Cameron wants £22billion savings made till 2020.  As mention above the promised £8billion each year would add up to £40billion by 2020 and would put the NHS back to its full glory as it was before.

Cameron and his disciples are bent over backward to break up the NHS to introduce private insurance like America.  It would expand the insurance company and they could put up the fees.  The fatcats would be able to get mote shares in it and that is all the name of the game, in my opinion.

Then it will be like in America, if you have an insurance policy and not only that but have enough money in it you will be treated. If you cannot afford the high fees of the Insurance companies out you go, even in emergencies.

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