Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Ten years ago one of the most ferocious hurricanes crossed Florida and headed for New Orleans in 2005. 

It was well forecasted and President Bush should have organised an evacuation. He failed the people and over 2,000 people lost their lives. Even after the catastrophe help with clean water and food was not as quickly as it should have been. 80 per cent of the New Orleans was under water.

After all these failures it makes one asked how on earth has he got the nerve to go there for the 10th anniversary?

Even the reconstruction of the town was mainly due to President Obama. Businesses emerged again and tourist started coming to visit the famous city for its jazz music, unique food and party culture.

During the last years President Obama visited the city nine times also when he was campaigning for the presidency in 2008 and criticised the Bush administration.

On the Anniversary, President Obama visited the Lower Ninth Ward on Thursday. The residents are mostly African-Americans and still recovering from the disaster. 

The community centre stands out as a symbol of the extra ordinary resilience of this city and its people.  Two British tourists who were caught up in it stated, when they came back, that the tension in the community centre was unbearably.  They were scared that the light would fail and the place became the scene of mass murder and robbery.  Luckily the light kept on.

The radio station WW2 kept a running commentary during the storm approaching Florida and claimed nine lives so far. It picked up strength and was predicted to head towards Florida panhandle, the north-west strip of the state.  Dave from the radio station thought the worst of the weather was over.  He told his team “we can stand down and stay off high alert from now on.”

But 72 hours later New Orleans was under water.

Even after the disaster there were desperate calls for food and safe water for days.

Bush administration failed these people terribly. 

It is another disaster when UK people were giving freely and millions of pounds were collected but apparently never reached the needy. Again these people must be thinking the world did not care but collection was put out all over the world and ordinary people gave with a good heart.  Question should be asked what happened to the money. It should be found and given to the people it was intended for and still struggling to rebuild their lives.

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