Monday, 28 September 2015


The Guardian Newspaper revealed that a ring leader of al-Maskhou was attacked on Friday and eight other men in Tripoli’ suburbs of Furnaj by a strong hit squad and killed. The leader was reported to be killed but relatives announced him to be still alive.

At long last the government is looking behind the scenes of the refugee and migrants’ crisis. There is no doubt that there are some desperate refugees but there is also a great number sent by organised smugglers for whom it is a great business and this site has to be stopped.

Maskhou is from Zuwara, a port in north-west Libya and is a major place for smuggling hundreds of thousands of refugee and migrants.  There are reports that several men were killed and bullets recovered by a pathologist are Hydra-shok and only available to specialists.

Italy’s defence minister denied involvement

NATO officers also stated that there were military alliances behind it.

So far smuggling gangs were operating across Libya but since Libya DAWN put up checkpoints across the city and jeep patrolling the streets it curbed their activities to some extent.

It was only a day before the murders, when EU Foreign police chief, Frederica  Mogherini, said: “Operations against people smugglers will begin on 7 October, 2015.
A British warship will be involved in the aggressive naval operation

Suspecting a smuggling gang behind this hundreds of thousands refugees and migrants started a gathering of intelligence by EU naval and air, drones since June.  They also interfere with email and mobile post to find out the real smuggling gangs and their leaders.

Only last week EU navy recovered again 4,700 people off Zuwara. Huge amount of money are being made off the back of desperate people and breeds new powerful gangsters. They have even their own militia

A huge protest erupted in Zuwara against smugglers after dozens of bodies were washed up on the beach but the trade still continues.

Since the US and the West brought down the government on Libya; they also brought down law and order.

There are now two governments in Libya. Only the government in the east of the country has been recognised and stated that it has n control over Libya DAWN militia in Tripoli.

UN refugee agency (UNHCR) reported it is estimated that 129,000 people arrive in Italy from Libya this year and most of them come from Zuwara.

These people smugglers should have been stopped years ago or even over a decade. This influx of people should be grouped into two. One is refugees who are desperate people and need help and the other group migrants who are well fed and mostly men. They had been swarmed the EU for years and they do not look desperate but very determined mostly to reach the UK.

In Calais there are approx. 3,000 camping at any time trying by any means to get to the UK. Long-distance lorry drivers are scared for their lives because they threatened them with knives and guns. In the camp at night fights are breaking out regularly.  According to the lorry drivers they all have knives and guns. It does not sound a refugee who is desperate.

The pictures we saw of the two little boys washed up in the Italian beach broke everybody’s heart. The Father said that he is so upset that he will not stay in Europe and go back to Syria straight away.  Only a few days’ later reports came through that he was a smuggler.

Another report from a survivor on a Greek Island where the boat sunk  off the coast  and many people drowned stated that the boat’s owner put a hole in it himself. It is not known whether he survived.

Other reports revealed that the smugglers threw people over board at high sea because they feared the boat will sink.

There are no doubts, ruthless smugglers’ gangs operate and the refugees are at their mercies.

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