Sunday, 27 September 2015


This old saying is fundamental and that is how it should be but disregarded by the Tories when it suits them.

Chancellor George Osborne went to communist China with no Human Right whatsoever and tried to sell part of the H2S train project to them and most probably other projects.  

The same Tories labelled Ed Militant as “Red Ed” and this was partly to blame to bring the Labour win down in the last General Election. If Labour would of the same low and pathetic mentality they could not name Cameron and Osborne 'Red Dave' and 'Red George' but never hear that from them. Tories should outgrow there school habits of calling names. 

It would have been a total uproar caused by the Tories if Mr Corbyn, the new Labour leader, would go to China and sell them some of his project. 

Now a new scandal was found out that the Tories were alerted 11 months ago. A 60-page dossier was handed in on Volkswagen diesel emission scandal. It claimed that vehicles had been altered to pass laboratory tests.

The Volkswagen whistleblowers International Council of Clean Transportation showed 15 cars produced nitrogen oxides at an average of seven times the European legal limit. Volkswagen had to recall 500,000 vehicles and lost 18 per cent of their shares. The trust in Volkswagen was damaged unrepairable but who were the real guilty ones were Tory ministers who could have prevented the scandal. Was it done purposely and for several reasons?

Now the piggate scandal. Whether it was true or not we will never be told. It was revealed today, 26 Sept., 2015 in the Daily Mirror that David Cameron made several attempts to stop the publication of Lord Michael Ashcroft's book "Call Me Dave". Cameron also tried to nobble the co-author Isobel Oakshott to persuade her to pull out of it. 

However, one thing was confirmed by James Delingpole, a fellow student at the time of David Cameron at Oxford, that drugs were used. He even agrees with it today that drug abuse in Oxford Universities is a normal way of youth curiosity.

But it is wrong for those people bringing out laws and it is punishable with prison sentences.

Lord Sewell’s pictures of snorting drugs off the breast of a prostitute were all over the news papers but will he be punished and thrown out of the House of Lords.?

Other scandals were about signing in at the House of Lords and walking out soon after but claiming £300 a day and expenses. Some Lords were even in prison and on release went back to the House of Lords.

Any such wrong doing by Mr Average would have meant instant dismissal from the job.
Nobody was ever expelled from the House of Lords.

Now we are coming to the paedophile ring supposedly in Westminster. It was covered up in the 80s by top politicians of the Tory Government. For over the decades the victims, which were children at the time from orphanage and broken homes, tried to have the case opened up? A few years ago, Theresa May, Home Secretary, agreed to meet them at Downing Street, when they got there and waited two hours they were told that Ms May was unavailable because she flew to Brussels. The insult was dished out to victim of most horrific experiences.

Even today, it is still a cover-up because Ms May chaired for the third time a judge from New Zealand which claims it would till 2030 to publish the result. Personally, I think will it ever be?

How come that the police could work through quickly celebrities who committed the same crime and at the same period of time and they went to the court and are in prison now. Oh yes, Lord Janner was accused of paedophile activities and his court case was scheduled but now transferred to February. The problem with Lord Janner is being Labour and was at first excused for having dementia but later was found out that he organises dinner parties therefore his case was re-opened.  Let’s see what will happen in February.

To be sure there is a long, long list which could be added of all sort wrong doings. 

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