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Update 19 May, 2017 --
Tory's manifesto includes cancel the Winter Fuel payment to rich pensioners and a "means-test" to poor pensioners. One way to cut the poor again!

Oh are they not great? To cut the pensioners’  little extras which gives them the extra comfort while the Tories swimming in millions of pounds and crab more.

UK's pension is on the 24th place out of 35 countries. Yet it is the seventh richest country.

They plan to cut the Winter Fuel Allowances, Free Bus Pass which only allows using  during off=peak periods, the Christmas bonus and any other benefits. All these benefits were given by Labour therefore remember it at the next General Election.

Mr Wild of Tax Allowances stated at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester to make now further cut to pensioner’s benefits. He reasoned the pensioners would not be around by 2020 or forgot whose party it was. In other words they Tories will not lose votes.  Mr Wild a research director with no doubt a fat salary and most probably a big bonus

The record shows that 40,000 people died last winter, despite the winter fuel allowances, pensioners had still not enough to heat their homes properly since the energy suppliers’ tariff was increased by 10 percent every winter since the Tories are in power. Many families had also to make the choice between buying food or heating their homes.  All these facts the Tories just ignore and marching about full of arrogance, congratulating each other how great they are.

Mr Fox who should have been expelled from Parliament after it was discovered that he took his friend, who had nothing to go with Parliament,  to every meeting and they had endless luxurious foreign trips. Nobody knows about the background of his friend apart his name and Mr For was the head of the Ministry of Defence which surely demand security. After a long battle he resigned on public demand but is still a Tory backbencher.

Mr Fox had the thick nerve to demand cuts of pensioners' benefits and welfare.
He said: “we can never go back to that historic high levels of public spending seen in recent years and the government public spending cuts must be for keeps.”

How can anybody be so characterless and take the last penny from pensioners. People who went through the worst hardship this country seen and then they get treated like that.

“This is the time to fix the roof.” Yes, but on the Tories

“We have a broke opposition. We have just won a general election and we need now to take the tough decisions we believe are right.”

A broken opposition? Is the man beyond belief? Oh the peacock feather must have stood in full glory and he must have tapped himself on his shoulder.

Hopefully Mr Corbyn makes him eats his words.

Mr Fox added further: “We are borrowing for the next generation to spend today. That is otherwise known as a Bonzi scheme. It’s what we are operating as a national financial policy. If you continue to overspend there will be a day reckoned.” They done it during the last five years despite austerity which was a con anyway. Now this he said it to the right people all sitting there but use in the wrong content.

How about cutting the Ministry of Defence expenses which wastes tens of thousand of pounds by ordering the wrong parts or useless equipments or cutting back on Trident.

PM David Cameron waste £717,000 on entertaining celebrities and Tory donors while Tony Blair used £390,000.

MPs’ salary increase by 10 per cent to £70,000 plus exuberant expenses

Mr Pickles’ incredible high expenses of £536,000 for luxurious limos plus £76,000 for tea and biscuits and many other claimed expenses by MPs and Lords

The 95 advisers for PM David Cameron with high salaries costing approx £4million.

NHS around 50 chief executive’s salaries of over £500,000

There is an almost endless list which could be quoted where the Tories waste money but it is on their site, not the general public, and therefore it is not mentioned

He even had the audacity to say that older people would understand the need for cuts.

All in all it is typical Tories again and in full swing.

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