Saturday, 7 November 2015


According to a report in the Daily Mirror PM David Cameron was not the only one who done the initiation ceremony at the Oxford Piers Gaveston Society.

Amongst of many well known people was also ex-PM John Major. According to Edwina Currie he put his honourable member into a different part of the poor pig.

An even more shocking revelation came from Cameron’s Oxford weed-smoking friend James Delingpole. He stated that the Prime Minister has not got a political bone in his body born into high society. 

This statement was confirmed in a biography written by fellow Old Etonian James Hanning and Francis Elliott. They wrote that even though he was at Oxford at the time of Thatcherism, Cameron was not interested in politics but in networking and mounting high-class fillies.

Cameron found a brochure from the careers department and applied to the Conservative Research Department.  Previously he applied to all the blue-chip merchant bankers and management consultants but failed. Weren't they lucky.

He did not get his chance in politics because of a passion for it but the Tory Central Office received an anonymous phone call from Buckingham Palace. The call came before Cameron’s interview and it advised them to take him on. That was the unfortunate start for this country and its people.

Even Robin Harris, who gave him the job regretted it and said: “Cameron was in the category of people who came into the party at the time because they saw it as a way of advancing their careers. He is an out-and-out opportunist. I didn’t believe he believes anything.”

David Cameron’s track record speaks for itself which is devastating to the people and country.

The same goes for Tony Blair who was another privilege kid.  His father was chairman of the local Conservatives and who was a boarder at the Eton of the North. He once stood in a mock election as a Tory.  Blair had no interest in politics while he was at the University.

His real ambition was to be a pop star and was in a band Ugly Rumours. When he met Cherie the daughter of firebrand leftie Tony Booth it all changed.

Both men are exposed for charming the public and party leaders but without real conviction.  People are now drawn to Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon because they have a sincere belief and care for the people.

After one of the biggest election results ever seen. Tony Blair started out all right. He put the UK back on its feet again after Tories brought it to a standstill. His downfall was he listened to Bush and joined two illegal wars.

Tony Blair should have been pulled in for war crimes long ago. To start two illegal wars which cost thousands of lives on both sides is criminal. The money he made during this time should be confiscated. Even amongst his rich friends he is known as the “human cash machine” which tells you everything.

This Tory Government paid £20million to the people of Iraq which is right but it should have been paid by Tony Blair not by the very hard-up taxpayers. He also receives £450,000 pension for being an prime minister. His wealth is estimated to £100million and even his friends say he has more than that.

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