Sunday, 28 February 2016



Westminster council came under fire because it spent£ 90,000 on Rolls Royce Silver Seraph last year. A further £30,000 was spent on leasing Audi ASL plus a £11,500 for running the cars.

These luxurious cars, chauffeur driven, cost the council thousands of pounds a year for fuel, congestion charges, insurance and repairs  The cars are available to the Lord Mayor and five Aldermen for hundreds of engagements.

The council also spends thousands of pounds on private Health Care for Senior Staff. This particular privilege should be cut because they have a high enough salary to afford it and if not they have to join the NHS .

At the same time the staffs that look after hundred of children at schools and community centre are planned to lose their jobs to save £152,000 in year 2015/16 and £170,000 next year 2016/17.

The Westminster council will cut a £1.3million overall and also cut the subsidies for working parents for children care.

It will have a great effect on staff that loses their jobs and working parents because the mother will not be able to work having to look after the children.

Again it will have a domino effect. There will be more people unemployed and the less spending money will reflect on Supermarkets, clothing and holidays. Supermarket are already under great pressure caused by austerity and so are the manufacturers having to cut back staff because of the reduce demands.

Can’t the Government see and accept that their politics has a spiral down effect? Despite of it all Chancellor George Osborne already announce that there will be further cuts in the budget March 2016.

David Cameron's mother should campaign for the whole UK to stop cuts and not just for her precious Oxfordshire.

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