Saturday, 19 March 2016


Mr Smith cheered and
literally hopped about
when Chancellor Osborne
announced a further
£12billion Welfare cut on top
of already starving people - A
most disgraceful  behaviour
Update: 10 October, 2016 -- Damian Green is the new Secretary of Department of Work and Pensions but no improvement for the disabled.

UPDATE 16 August, 2016 --
Theresa May replace IDS with Piti Patel who had a number of scandal in overcharging her expenses. Furthermore, she is answerable to Ian Duncan Smith which is scandalous and where will be the difference?

UPDATE: My opinion Ian Duncan Smith made a convincing show of crying on TV which to me is a joke. 

What about him jumping about - see picture - at the announcement of a further £12billion Welfare Cuts of already starving public and disabled?

What about the 2,400 people committed suicide or starved to death because of his sanctions stopping their money?

He is as rotten and hypocritical as you can get them, in my opinion, and PM David Cameron did nothing to stop. him. They are certainly all in this together

Ian Duncan Smith, Head of Work and Pensions resigned and points out the reason that the treasury and Chancellor George Osborne put pressure on him to cut Welfare.

After the last budget on Wednesday, 15 March, 2016, the truth he could not agree with it when his cuts of disability benefit were cancelled and a reduction of high-earning tax were reduced.

It might have been to some extent but the facts and truth is that Ian Duncan Smith hopped about like no other MP ever before when Mr Osborne announced a £12billion Welfare cut in his previous budget.  Mr Smith looked triumphant to have achieved that.

That action makes his statement of being pressured by the Treasury and Chancellor a lie.

Mr Smith also established the Bedroom Tax which meant that if you had a spare bedroom your Welfare or disability Benefit was cut by 14 per cent; for two spare bedrooms 25 per cent. It did not matter whether you had a disable child and needed the spare bedroom for various reason. It effected two-thirds of families who could not pay the rent on account of reduced housing benefit and one-third of disable people.  They received eviction orders and made homeless thanks to Mr Smith.Was he also hopping about it?

Furthermore, ever since Mr Smith took over the department he started to reform the system. It costs the taxpayer £500million for a new computer which supposed to reform to the new system automatically. The last time we heard about it is that he employed agency staff for over £1million a year to cope with the transfer. It is doubtful it ever got off the ground which should have been April 2014 completed.

Last year he lost £3billion due to mistakes and errors.

Despite of all Mr Smith had the thick nerve to pay out £44million as bonuses.

He introduced a rule if the person does not keep an appointment or was late the welfare benefit was stopped. There were many stories in the newspapers about people being 10 minutes late because of traffic or due to suffering of mental illness being late.

It costs over 2,400 deaths by suicide or starvation.  Three million people had lost or reduced their welfare benefit due to Mr Smith’s new rules.

He was taken to court and the judge ruled it was against the law. Mr Smith was so arrogant and appealed to the court and it costs the taxpayers £50,000 so far. Hopefully, the benefit will now be re-installed.

To reduce the unemployment figure and benefit he introduced Zero-Hour-Contracts which mean if there was work they were employed. Many people stated that they were called in and then sent home again without a minute of work.  Especially in the Midlands and Northern England the situation is devastating.

Mr Smith should not dive under the cover of being pressured by the Treasury and Chancellor when his deeds speak for it.  His gleeful, triumphant hopping about at the time of Mr Osborne announcement of a £12billion Welfare cut is nearer the truth. It showed that he achieved what he requested; a further £12billion off the backs of the poor and disabled who were already hard-up after five years of austerity.  

That is the true Mr Smith.

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