Sunday, 10 April 2016


and he ruined this country. Why? What is the real reason behind it? Who is behind him and gives the command and he obeys to be a PM?

Now, new PM Theresa May does not seem to be making any difference as well.

It is absolutely incredible if you look back at only the very recent weeks of Prime Minister David Cameron self destructive actions

The very fact that he did not do anything positive to stop the British Steel Industry going to the wall despite of his continuous promises he is doing all he can. He refused to nationalise the industry to save 40,000 jobs which will a have great impact on families and the surrounding communities.

The Steel Industry is always the backbone of any country!!!

In the middle of the Steel Crises he invited Chinese President Xi Jinpin to London to sign a contract for two new Nuclear Power Stations which involves 80,000 tonnes of steel. There is no doubt that it would have saved the British Steel Industry.


Even the EU tried to stem the imports of low priced steel from China with a higher import tariff but Mr Cameron refused to sign.

All his actions leaves you questioning for which country is Mr Cameron actually working? He calmly lets TATA India's Steel Giant sell or close down the UK branch.

People had been pressing for a referendum of IN/OUT EU membership for years. He went to Europe with a list of demand which did not cover the major impacts of EU ruling.

Even those small demands were watered down and he came back looking victoriously. The small achievement were only registered at the UN and not at Strasbourg which would have made it legal.

Mr Cameron's austerity and cutting back anything which moves in the last six years came home to haunt him. The deficit was the lowest for the last 67 years. The manufacturing output dropped and so did the economy.

You do not need Eton, Oxford or Cambridge to figure out that if you bring people down to starvation and homelessness there is no money to buy goods. Therefore the manufacturing suffers. They introduced Living Wage but at the same time cancelled Tax Credit or reduced it. Back to square one.

After losing 40 per cent of families' income of the first five years of the Tory-led Coalition the Tory Government is now introducing a further £12billion Welfare Cut.

Amongst all these scandals came a 11 million pages from secret accounts in tax haven Panama. The name was given of Mr Cameron's father being involved. Mr Cameron done the worst thing and denied any involvement at first. Days later he admitted to have £30,000 invested in Blairmore but paid his tax on it. and sold it

The public already lost belief in Mr Cameron's word due to endless promises which he had not indention to fulfil. Now after this scenario a great many people demand his resignations. If it comes to it there is no better because Boris Johnson and George Osborne are named. Beside the majority of the Tory Party voted for the £12billion Welfare Cut which is criminal to say the least.

On top of all this havoc created by the Tory Government Mr Cameron is desperately to win the referendum on EU membership.

He printed a 16 page leaflet of Bremain in EU. It cost the taxpayers £9million and will be send to all households. At the moment it seems it is the final straw to his destructive reign.

By now half of his Tory's MPs are campaigning for BREXIT and a third of his Cabinet.  Will it give him the message to change his politics?

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