Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Update 22 April, 2017 --
Even after he resigned it is still galling that he had the nerve and authority to use £9million taxpayers money knowing full well they are starving despite of working full time and depriving disabled people.

£9m to feather the printer's, bound to be a friend, and his wife's nest who ran the stationary at Parliament.

Tories have no calm to throw about and waste taxpayer's money which is so desperately needed by the people.

The scandal is a 16 page "leaflet" to remain in the EU and with £9million Taxpayers' money. 

The general public is very hard up and over one million families are starving and rely on food bank in a country being the sixth richest nation but subjected to constant mismanagement, austerity and cuts since 2010.

In April there will be another £12billlion Welfare Cut and £16billion Council Cut coming into effect. Both will have an unbearable impact.

The Prime Minister is not only trying to influence the public with his "leaflet" to remain in EU but has never considered the impact on families who lost their job due to the economical failure of the Government and austerity. They lost or will lose more benefit, especially the disabled.

However, there is a silent protest by many of the public to send the "leaflet" back to Mr Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

In the meantime, it was revealed by one of the most powerful men in Brussels, European Parliament vice president Alexander Graf Lambsdorff that Mr Cameron cherished achievement of a "emergency brake" on migrants claiming in-work benefit in the UK.

Mr Lambsdorff described PM's package as "nothing more than a deal that has been hammered out down the local bazaar". He has his doubts whether it will survive a scrutiny by the MEPs. Mr Lambsdorff is a highly influential MEP.

IMF also backed the BREMAIN campaign of Mr Cameron by stating that it would be better for the UK economy.

The argument against it is that the UK import is far higher than its export to the EU besides there is always the World Market. The UK has always been a free nation and a big trading nation.

As a matter of fact it was reported that the UK is not allowed to export beef, pork and chickens to the USA despite their close friendship. The reason is the EU forbidden it. At a Brexit Agriculture would gain a big market.

Many of other major EU countries have itchy feet and the people also demanding a referendum of IN/OUT of EU membership. The problem is that Brussels has become too dominating and forever demanding billions of pounds which brought these countries financially down.

By all objective views we cannot ignore the many red tapes on businesses and industries which is nothing but a hindrance.

EU at present regarding the huge influx of migrants the EU refuses to close Europe's borders and stopped a blockade to migrant boats. It had been established that 99 per cent are organised by human traffickers earning huge amounts of money.

The EU membership costs £19billions and is ruling the UK more and more. MEPs already promised a tsunami of rules is coming down on the UK if the referendum will be a "Yes" to remain in the EU.

How much more evidence does the public need to be convinced to get rid of all these rules and restriction?

In my opinion the Prime Minister never acts for the benefit of his people. Why should he now?


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