Thursday, 21 April 2016


UPDATE 1 Feb., 2018 -- That news, which was not reported, is amazing in every way.

After the scandal of Panama Papers we are still not informed of the names involved in it like in other countries. It is also surprising that there is no further actions stopping Tax Avoidance.

Mrs May. Home Office Secretary, is only dealing with Money launderers. No doubt it also has to be dealt with but it is suspected to be a distraction from the Panama Papers. Mrs May is planning to bring a new law to stop it. It would concern MPs, councillors and civil servants being suspect of corruption and an "illicit enrichment would be made an offence.

Mrs May pointed out that the economy will be "at risk of being undermined" by money laundering, illicit finance and the funding of terrorism.

Her proposal - subject to a six-weeks consultation period being launched in the Commons later - plan to give the civil service powers to impose new "unexplained wealth orders."

Would it be wrong to assume that this is an diversion of the still unanswered questions about the Panama Papers?

The new law would force suspected money launderers to declare their wealth and those who fail to satisfy authorities.

The government called the plans "aggressive and the most significant change to the UK's anti-money laundering and terrorist finance regime in over a decade."

Mr May said: "The laundering of proceeds of crime through UK institutions is not only a financial crime, it fuels political instability around the world supports terrorists and extremism and poses a direct and immediate threat to our domestic security and our overseas interests.

"We will forge a new partnership with industry to improve suspicious activity reporting deliver deeper information - sharing and take joint action enforcement.

"And will act vigorously against the criminals and terrorists responsible to protect the security and prosperity of our citizen, and safeguards the integrity of Britain's financial economy."

Great sounding words but there are two flaws already in it.
Why is the Government not pushing the bill through without time loss and debates like they did with the other bills? It is no doubt an urgent matter since there are billions of pounds involved.

The other problem is that the Home Office and Mrs May are not known for prompt actions. The many failed deportation ,scandals of the borders agency and child abuse ring were pushed onto a long bench. These are just three of many failures to act immediately.

The plan also is to establish a new administration which will give jobs to chief executives and civil servants costing the taxpayers more money.

A report from anti-corruption body Transparency International UK states billions of pounds of "dirty cash" was entering Britain every year.

The Home Office should have acted on that facts ages ago. Mrs May must have known of it even before the report was published. Since there is already an anti-corruption body established it surely is not necessary to establish another one just so a friend gets a high ranking job all on taxpayers' money.

Executive director Robert Barrington said: "There are some excellent ideas here, but the proof of the pudding will be in whether they are put in action.

"The powers that are envisaged could make a real difference and, while it is important that they are properly debated in Parliament to allay any concerns over civil liberties. It is equally important that they are not watered down by self-interested lobbying during the consultation process."


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