Saturday, 23 April 2016

UK PAYS DETAINEES £18MILLION Updated 25 Jan., 2017

What kind of Law and Justice is this? Ordinary people do not get Legal Aid; yet the criminals get. 

Update 25 Jan., 2017 --
A new report reveals that the killer of Lee Rigby demands £20,000 compensation because he lost two teeth in a fight in prison. The final cost will be £100,000 paid by taxpayers.

He claims also for 'psychological damage'. 

He killed Lee Rigby with all his savageness he could master. He stood there with blood on his hands for along time till the police came and arrested him. It shows and proves the killer has no remorse whatsoever. The lawyer who supports it and fights for him should be ashamed and banned.

How must the family feel about this new news? One can't imagine.

About 30,000 immigrants re detained year. This alone costs taxpayers £35,000 each detainees to be held in UK immigration detention centres.

If judges decide they had been wrongly detained the UK Government has to pay them compensation.

Furthermore, foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers received £18million during the last year years due to blundering officials have failed to deal with their cases quickly enough.

A requested Freedom of Information showed £4million to £5million taxpayers money a year compensation had been paid out with taxpayers money to detainees facing deportation.

It boils down to irresponsibility of the Home Office and secretary Theresa May. There were too many scandals since the 2010 and too much taxpayers' money wasted but PM David Cameron will not take any actions.

Conservative MP Tim Loughton, a member of the Home Affairs Committee said: "Taxpayers will be greatly offended we're paying out compensation because the courts have deemed people have been detained wrongly."
It is all very well to state it and we, the public, heard it every time a scandal was discovered but this is not the point and does not solve anything. The point is something should been done about it. For officials to bungle a deportation is inexcusable especially if it cost taxpayers' money.

Taxpayers are so hard up that they miss meals to be able to feed their children and also rely on food banks while highly paid officials could not care less to do their job. Now comes on top of it all the hardship a £12 Welfare Benefit cut which the arrogant Chancellor and Prime Minister sanctioned.
Yet they would not stop all that high spending of taxpayers' money at the Home Office, Westminster and increasingly numbers of MPs and Peers.

While they all watched the Queen's birthday cake the Tories slipped away and put through a bill for an increase of bonuses for higher class Civil Servants. No debates or voting.

Jonathan Isaby , chief executive of the Taxpayers Alliance, said: "Taxpayers will be angry their money is being wasted as a result of avoidable errors by the authorities.

"Not only is illegal detention an affront to the freedom of those subject to it, but the resulting compensation payouts are a drain on our already strained public finance."

There are MPs, Peers, Committees and Watchdog established by the dozens and hundreds but none of them raises the roof to stop the Government. PM Cameron can put bills through Parliament to drive the public even further into desperation and get even voted on by the majority while all those waste of money gets overlooked.

MPs supposed to representing the people who voted them in!!!!!

After all this is said and done it will, as always, disappear like water in the sand and the officials will blunder on as before wasting more taxpayers' money.

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