Tuesday, 3 May 2016


The Welfare Secretary is now Damian  Green. It is doubtful there will be improvement because he is praising Ian Duncan Smith for his excellent work.

The Resolution Foundation said: "Universal Credit has been taken too far from its original purpose and veered off track because of the cost cutting."

It was announced at a time when the Government announced a further cut.

The new Welfare secretary Stephen Crabb said: "The payment was transforming welfare and getting people into work faster."

The statement is such a humbug when 3 million unemployed less all the various methods of bringing the figure down with such as Zero-hour-contracts and so forth.

Last month, March, the unemployment has even risen by 61,000. A month where unemployment usually falls because of building sites and outside jobs starting again.

In view of those facts how can Mr Crabb make a statement like that? Surely he knows the full situation.

The original plan was for Universal Credit to replace six benefits - Job seeking Allowances and Employment and Support Allowances with a single payment.

After a long delay and costing an enormous amount of money it is gradually introduced across the UK and is now available to new job seeker in every Job Centre.

It is hoped that the reform be finalised by 2021.

Although the Resolution Foundation had supported the original plan but said now "which have been driven by the government's desire to secure further saving in the Welfare budget....have taken it too far from its original purpose.

"Unless it is reversed Universal Credit risks being reduced to little more than a very complicated vehicle for cutting the benefits bill."

Surely, the fact was obvious to the public from the start and the one and only purpose for the reform.

Welfare ex-secretary Ian Duncan Smith belied his own resignation statement. He went, literally, hopping mad when Chancellor George Osborne announced the £12billion Welfare cut but when Mr Osborne reversed some of the Welfare cut in March budget Mr Smith resigned stating to pressure of "salami slice" welfare.

The government said more than 450,000 people have made the claim for Universal Credit and more than 9,500 new claims every week. This is not a success story but purely due to pressure from the government.

Mr Crabb said: "Universal Credit is transforming Welfare and is central to our vision for our society where people of all background can earn a decent wage and provide for their families, where claimants moving into work faster and earning more then under the old system."

Has it ever occurred to Mr Crabb why people are on unemployment benefit because there are no jobs to be had?

Again, surely it is in their vision but it will bring families down to greater hardship.

The only way to create employment is to stop austerity which would bring back demands for goods to buy and increase manufacturing. At the moment manufacturers are rapidly reducing staff or going bankrupt all together

UK had 6 years of it and it brought nothing but highest debts for 8 years and highest deficit for 67 years despite of austerity and cut backs. Not a success story and if the Government wants to ride the country into inflation it is on the right road.

Labour Party has more sense and promised to stop austerity

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