Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Update 18 Oct., 2019 - May resigned and Boris Johnson was chosen by Tories as PM but there is still no sign of Economy Improvement, on the contrary. Last Quarter it showed a Deficit despite the Austerity. Despite May's false promise, last year, to stop Austerity. 

Update 23 March, 2018 -- The economy is now so bad, because consumers have long ago run out of money to spent, even the big supermarket chains and corporations are cutting back or going bankrupt. The Tories still take no notice and ploughing on. The Chancellor does not make a Budget any more but just gives Financial Statements. How much longer do they want to carry on like that?

Update 29 Dec., 2017 -- here is another reason for the economy going down. Alarm has been raised of business investment is less by increased payouts to shareholders. Dividends in UK companies increased by 17.5 per cent during the 3 months till September and it is the highest in the world.

May, her Chancellor and the Tories must be well aware of it and it raises many questions. It definitely shows the fatcats are in full reign of cashing in; while living standard and manufacturing going down.

Updated 17 Oct., 2017 - Today, BBC announced the inflation is the worst since April, 2012 and there is no end to it because the Government will not stop cutting or austerity. Most probably the Chancellor in his coming Budget will find some more cuts for the poor and disabled.

Updated 12 Oct., 2017 - British economy had increase of 0.2 per cent. It will be worse when the £12bn welfare cuts and £16bn public service cut come fully into effect. May did not have to add it after all people are already starving and homeless by the hundred thousands. 

Update 8 Sept., 2017 - PM May has started Brexit in March 2017 but ever since they dragging it out. Now she wants to introduce a Bill to be voted on, on Monday. Labour will refuse because it will rig Parliament (meaning they can pass laws without MPs' vote), keep EU justice and reduce workers' rights. 

Promises, promises, promises and I do not think one was ever kept that's David Cameron and his Tories.

The new PM Theresa May does not seem to be any different or better. She promises to start Brexit off but there is no sign of it and time gets wasted. She too lets the British Steel industry go to the wall while she lets China remove MG and Rover, another loss to steel industry, and let them build Hinkley Nuclear Plant with their 80,000 tonnes of steel which would have been a boost to British Steel.

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Tories were smearing Labour with lies such as bad economy as they campaigned for the General Election in 2015 and the Tories promised to improve it.

A year later the data from the Insolvency Service showed the number of businesses going bust or are in big trouble have risen

In the first three months of this year 3,694 companies were declared insolvent. It is 5,4 per cent higher then the final three months of 2015.

Out of the 3,694 companies were 2,515 firms which had to close because the creditors could not find the money to pay their outstand bills.

This situation did not help to bring the unemployment down which was another promise given in the GE2015 campaign.

Another gloom of unemployment is looming because of the steel crisis which means tens of thousands of workers trained specially for their jobs yet Cameron and the Tories could not care less.

This crisis followed the collapse of BHS a huge chain store. If a new buyer is not found it will costs 11,000 staff their jobs.

The data also reveals that 20,383 people were declared bankrupt.

After a year in office and PM Cameron's promises not only unfulfilled but the economy even gone worse with no improvement in sight. His smears and lies certainly came back to haunt him. Mr Murdoch does not write about all the failure of the Conservative Party but he is busy drumming up flimsy accusation of anti-Semitism.

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