Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Update 18 Oct., 2019 - Although May resigned and now Boris Johnson is PM the Withdrawal of Free TV Licence for over 75 and free bus pass for pensioners is still on the table. It was Labour introduced it. The Withdrawal would only be stopped if Labour wins in the coming GE.

UPDATE 30 April, 2019 --
The Withdrawal of Free TV Licence and free bus pass for over 75 has been raised again and no surprise that it will be put through this time. It is also for disabled people 

They all should be ashamed of themselves but 'shamed'
 does not exists in Tory's dictionary.

To withdraw the free TV licence for the 75 years who has a member of his of her/his in the household.

It is another devastating effect on the old and poor pensioners whose only little entertainment would be cut. It would effect 600,000. Disabled people wont be able to afford going out and cant watch TV. What kind of life will they have. Their disable adjusted car was already taken away. Their payment was cut. May and her gang is evil to the core.

Has this Government not done enough to bring Old Age Pensioners down? The next thing will the withdrawal of the free bus pass. They forget that it is this very generation who saved this country for them under the worst conditions and sacrifices. 

They keep shooting their mouth off about honouring the hard-working people. This generation worked so hard and was so loyal and now they get a kick from these glory boys.

All this is organised by the very rich who never had to think about the money to pay bills. 

Gordon Brown introduced the free TV licence in 2000 and David Cameron promised, another failed promised, to keep it in his first term in office.

At first the BBC was blamed for the disastrous decision but now it emerged that the Government decided that £750million cost would be BBC's problem.

That shifting of expenses seems to be a new trend because they done the same with the costs of supporting the worst disabled people and their carers. They moved the responsibility to the Council and cutting the budget of the Council at the same time. The result as a good guess as yours as mine.

Mr Cameron and his great Chancellor Georg Osborne are not humans. To constantly cutting the Welfare of people, especially disabled ones and Old Age Pensioners is absolutely devilish.

At the same, last week, Mr Cameron sneaked off while everybody was watching the voting results and sanctioned a bill for a big increase of bonuses for top civil servants. What can you call it when you can not call him dodgy?

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