Friday, 13 May 2016


The Health Secretary James Hunt claims that more people die on the weekend which he used as a major point to make doctors work 7-days a week.

At first it was a chocking revelation but at a closer look it showed that only very seriously ill people are admitted into hospitals at the weekend.


Therefore as Professor Matt Sutton points out it is sad but the fact is that no matter what care they receive the patients have no chance. Prof Sutton added further that Mr Hunt's force to extent service over the weekend will not save any lives. The result came from a study which looked into 12.5 million emergency admissions to English hospitals over 11 months.

Most of the lesser seriously ill people do get admitted during the week.

The British Medical Association (BMA) said: "The Government needs to look at its rhetoric and the way it is attacking the medical profession."

Mr Hunt used his big argument for rewriting contracts - making it cheaper for hospitals to cover weekend rotas. If Mr Hunt wants to save money he should cut agency staff which cost thrice the money of sacked nurses. He also could save a lot of money on 50 NHS top executives earning over £500,000 a year.

Junior doctors are striking at the moment to get the right payment which they deserve. They can not do enough for you when you are in hospital and are on the go non-stop.

There again, the government sacked doctors soon after they came into power and now employing agency doctors which cost three times as much. Very clever arithmetic Mr Hunt.
Chancellor George Osborne plans to cut the grants for medical students but will not cut the bonuses for Civil Servants on the contrary Mr Cameron even increased it for top Civil Servants.
Mr Cameron would not give 1 percent increase for the nurses but gave MPs a 10 per cent rise whose expenses are all paid for and are, at the moment, on £70,000 a year.

The NHS would not be in such a worst state if Mr Cameron, Mr Hunt and Mr Osborne always keep taking million of pounds out of for all sorts of "Flagships" which never work.

Mr Cameron promised during his Election Campaign to put £8billion a year into the NHS. If he done so why is the NHS's finances getting worse? Another promise which he did not keep.

Do not blame or crucify the Junior Doctors because they want to be paid for the hours they doing. Look at all those fatcats are creating constantly.

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